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Booked on British Airways this holiday and worried? New hope: company seeks to legally block strike

British Airways is seeking to legally block a move by its cabin crew and associated union "Unite" planned for Christmas Day, the Times is reporting. It is said that Willie Walsh, the Chief Executive of the UK's national airline, met with members of the British High Court recently, citing as rationale for legal measures the "willful, disproportionate and clearly unlawful actions" that would be inflicted by the staff in question upon passengers during the strike, which is planned to run between December 22 and January, should Unite's demands, which center around mysterious manipulation of crew rosters, fail to be met.

The High Court currently being petitioned by Mr. Walsh is set to rule on the legality of the crew roster issue on February 2 in a separate suit, but, according to Unite leaders Tony Woodley and Derek Simpspon, this date is not soon enough. Woodley has been quoted as saying that an immediate end to this controversial measure is the only way to prevent the strike.

As Heathrow, the airline's main hub, is one of the busiest international airports in the world, it is presumed that literally millions of travelers would be affected by a strike. British Airways has previously stated that it will do its best to re-book travelers with existing reservations on new flights, which could include flights on other carriers, though it has not as of yet stated that it will allow refunds. It is presumed that the deluge of BA passengers needing to be rebooked on other airlines would cause massive delays and cancellations, causing widespread failures of British, European and Transatlantic aircraft movements in particular.