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Book Tour | Spiritual Engineering by Thomas J Strawser

Author Thomas J Strawser
Author Thomas J Strawser
PR by the Book

Merging Science, Spirituality and Psychology to Build Relationships
Strawser brings groundbreaking life solutions to Austin

Did you know 48 percent of first marriages, 67 percent of second marriages and 73 percent of third marriages FAIL? Discover the tools to save your relationship.

WHO: Thomas J. Strawser, an international engineer with a master’s degree in psychology, is the author of Spiritual Engineering: The New Science for Happiness and Extraordinary Relationships. After suffering from numerous losses and facing a near suicide, Strawser discovered he could use science to find answers to happiness and how it directly relates to relationships.

WHAT: Strawser combines his 25+ years of engineering experience with spirituality and psychology to yield a path to healthy relationships and true happiness. This engineering approach to a satisfied life provides an entirely new groundbreaking model for all relationships.

Spiritual Engineering applies an analytical method to human feelings and relationships in an easily understood and heartwarming tone. By combining objective engineering techniques and other areas, including science, psychology, and religion, Strawser offers systematic tools that guide you from the root of the problem to the evaluation of all alternative solutions - to achieving the desired results: harmony and peace of mind.

“During these last 28 years, I developed the Spiritual Engineering program synthesizing spirituality, practical psychology, self-help, and 12-step program concepts. I have spoken to thousands of people in Rotary clubs, integrative medical departments, 12-step groups, student associations, and women’s groups about this process. It’s life-changing.”

WHEN & WHERE: Thomas J. Strawser will be in Austin as part of his upcoming book tour. Guests will have the opportunity to listen to his seminar, speak with Strawser and purchase a signed copy of Spiritual Engineering at four upcoming events:

Thursday, November 4th 5-9pm

Borders Westgate Marketplace

4477 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78745

Saturday, November 6th 11am-1pm

Borders Bookstore

3309 Esperanza Crossing
Austin, TX 78758

Saturday, November 6th 3-5pm

Borders Southpark

9500 South I35 Service Road

Austin, TX 78748

Sunday, November 7th 1-4pm

Brave New Books

1904 Guadalupe Street, Suite B
Austin, TX 78705


To schedule an interview, receive a review copy, or request b-roll footage and photos, contact Ashlee Putney at 512-501-4399 x 705 or


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