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Book Spotlight: Sextus' Sacrifice by Chris Vaughn

Sextus' Sacrifice by Chris Vaughn
Chris Vaughn

Sextus' Sacrifice by Chris Vaughn

Everyone makes choices, Every choice puts you in an Arena… Sextus Magnus' had a choice between protecting those he loves, and protecting the freedom of The Republic. That choice has thrust him into a struggle of life and death, for him and the ones he loves. Freedom in The Republic has a costly price. He knows it’s his own fault he’s here. Sextus Magnus' has shed the illusion of The Republic, that he has been unjustly thrust into, so quickly he didn't have the opportunity to consider the repercussions. Sextus now must conjure every bit of cunning and luck he can muster to save not only his own identity, but the lives of those he holds dearest. Sometimes, the exposure of illusions comes at a very real price… what will he sacrifice!

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About the Author:

Chris Vaughn grew up listening to his parents, especially his Mother, and others tell the fun, wild stories of childhood, life, and ghosts that held your imagination. The great story tellers are some what an artist, though theirs was a verbal tradition. Chris still loves reading, and hearing a good story but prefers to tell them, and now write them.

Chris wants to keep that gift going forward in writing. The stories he heard as a child made it so you couldn't sleep, which was either from laughter, excitement, or fear! He hopes his stories do the same for you.

He has been a Speaker, Minister, Talk Radio Host, Comedian, and even once ran for public office. He grew up in the South, where the pace of life is slower than he could tolerate and currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, three children, Buddy the Wonder Dog, and Squeaker the Silent Cat.

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