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Book Spotlight: River Magic by J.M.Brown

River Magic by J.M.Brown

River Magic by J.M.Brown

Aimee and Brenda, fourteen-year-old orphans, meet in an alternate history version of St. Louis, Missouri Territory in 1822.

In this alternate history, slavery was abolished with the ratification of the U. S. Constitution in 1791. The Iroquois and Cherokee nations fought on the side of the colonies during the revolution and have retained their independence and formed an alliance with the United States against the western savages and the great powers of Europe.

While seeking a lost letter, the girls become involved in a conspiracy against the alliance.

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Author Bio:
I've been writing all my life. Born a Scorpio, but now a Sagittarius. I have touched an elephant, ridden a camel, eaten a rat, been held hostage in the jungles of Guatemala and I may have heard the eastern colossus of Memnon sing. I am the proud owner of a beautiful Smith-Corona typewriter on which not a single work of fiction has been typed. I now pound away on a clickity-clackity-sounding modern computer keyboard, but sorely miss the soft music of mechanical hammers striking the paper-covered platen. As a writer of fiction, I am a professional liar, but everything I say is true.


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