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Book Spotlight: Larkspur [The Courting of Life and Death, vol 1; Clandestina]

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Larkspur [The Courting of Life and Death, vol 1; Clandestina] by V. M. Jaskiernia

Pierre Salvador has returned to court after graduating early, and a party in his honour happens that very evening. But feeling unwell so shortly after his travels the princeling excuses himself from dancing-and-flirting with Lady Elizabeth Anne, and retreats to his room with a black cat in tow. In addition to medical studies, Pierre has almost finished the last task set by Mora, lady of death, to complete his knowledge of necrocræft. Enthralled with the illegal magic, the power over life and death, he consorts with Mora as he also begins to court Elizabeth.

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V. M. Jaskiernia writes dark fantasy romance in the her secondary world of Noctuina. Her stories are sorted by which part of the world they take place in, what magic and fantastical creatures live in that realm. She's been writing for ten years, and worldbuilding for a few more. She is influenced by mythology, fairy tales, modern fantasy, horror, and history.
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