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Book Spotlight: Killing People by Meb Bryant

Killing People by Meb Bryant
Meb Bryant

Killing People by Meb Bryant

KILLING PEOPLE, a psychological thriller where good men do everything necessary to defeat evil.

Leah Bennett sits in an open convertible in a drugstore parking lot and has no idea that a routine trip to buy cigarettes will threaten her life and end her marriage. Paralyzed in fear, she watches as two masked men, dressed entirely in black and brandishing weapons, follow her husband Dan into the drugstore. After four shots ring out moments later, she is torn between staying in the car with her young daughter Hannah and giving aid to the victims of the crime, especially her husband. Either by fate or divine design, Michael Nagle, a Marine sniper on special assignment, drives into the parking lot with his military dog and inserts himself into the fray. As Leah rebuilds her life, she finds herself being stalked by the killer who intends to murder her and kidnap Hannah.

About the Author:

Meb Bryant, a native of Texas, grew up traveling across the United States as her father helped build gas pipelines. She attended fifteen schools by the age of ten and is now married with two adult children and two young grandchildren. She worked as a legal secretary and real estate agent before having children and spent a year driving a school bus after complaining to a school official and accepting his challenge. Though she claims to have enjoyed the school year, she no longer complains publicly. Meb enjoys tennis, fishing, and cruising with the family. Cooking and gardening, once favorite pastimes, have dropped on her list after numerous disasters. Her paranoid mind has helped provide material to write novels KILLING PEOPLE and HARBINGER OF EVIL, and short stories DOUBLES MATCH, MONSTER SPRAY, and SPELLING V.

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