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Book review: 'Victim State' by Gregory Nicholas Malouf

'Victim State' is book number five in the Thoughtless series by Gregory Nicholas Malouf

Continuing in the Thoughtless series by Gregory Nicholas Malouf “Victim State” is volume number five. This series is designed to offer the reader ways to free themselves from negative emotions like unhappiness and loneliness. It is composed of twelve easy to read and follow books that anyone can use to better themselves.

“Victim State” is a look into the universal problem of feeling like a victim. Everyone at one point or another has been plagued by this state of mind. According to the author when people play the victim they are disconnected from the inner Self and end up manipulating others into fixing what they feel unable to fix themselves. He starts out by explaining that in order to avoid this pitfall people should first understand themselves and the role they play in everyday life. He does this by explaining the Karpman drama triangle and how everyone fits into one or more of these categories: The victim or martyr, the rescuer or hero/caretaker and the persecutor or critic.

What he is saying basically is that the best way to reconnect with the inner Self is to learn to feel and eventually reconnect with those feelings. In Chapter 7 he writes about The 3F Approach: feel, forgive and foster. Simply put the path to self fulfillment is to acknowledge what one is feeling, forgive and forget the past and foster positive beliefs.

At first this subject might sound too simple and obvious but sometimes people need to be reminded not to over think things. As in the previous books Mr Malouf includes reflection exercises as well as personal stories that help bring his point across.

A summary of the previous books:

  • Book One – “Shallow Love” Malouf defines shallow love as the attachment to someone or something that people develop in an effort to fill the void in their lives.
  • Book Two - “Tunnel Vision” he expands on this idea by explaining how a limited view in life can affect everyday interactions.
  • Book Three - “Self Fulfilled” he is out to help readers find peace and contentment in their lives which will lead to the ultimate goal of self fulfillment. When people are self fulfilled they are at one with life and each other and this is what begins to give their life meaning.
  • Book Four – In “Overzealous” the general topic is striving to find peace and connection with the inner self in order to find complete happiness.

*A copy of this book was given for an honest review. The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s.

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