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Book Review: Trail by Fire

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A Trail by Fire by J. A. Jance makes you feel like you are traveling through a complex, confusing network of passageways with each barrier of the maze becoming another sub-plot of the story; it is difficult to keep tack of all the characters.


You start out in
YavapaCounty in Arizona winding through
Phoenix. She paints a very descriptive picture of
Arizona with the hues of yellow, tans and with spots of hot reds as you stumble through the maize.


The preceded plot: who is plotting to undermine the sheriff and destroying goodwill becomes secondary with the burning of a sub-division of upper level homes and when a body of a woman found on a stack of wallboard. This becomes the focal point of the story.


Set in Arizona, protagonist Alison (Ali) Reynolds get drawn into deception and deceit, when the sheriff seeks her out to become a temporary media information person for the Yavapa County Office and to help discover who is plotting against him. Ali, by taking the job, dives into the middle of the maze and finds the only way out is by solving each part of the riddle.


Trail by Fire falls short with its multiple sub plots and long cast of characters. However, in J.A. Jance defense, she is a capable writer who manages to tie all the loose strings together into a finished novel without making the reader feel the book ended abruptly.



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