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Book review: 'The Wine Lover's Diet' by Richard Kunin

'The Wine Lover's Diet' by Richard Kunin gives readers the science behind food and their favorite wines to help them enjoy food better.

There’s very few nutrition books out there that combine wine and food so this one should be noted. “The Wine Lover’s Diet” by Richard Kunin and the Nutrition Analyst Team is the book to read for wine enthusiasts who are trying to eat better and manage their weight. It was first published twenty years ago but a new updated version was published last year that contains updated nutritional information and is available as an e-publication only.

“The Wine Lover’s Diet” is much more than a diet book because wine itself won’t make people lose weight. It doesn’t take away the joy of eating like some diets seem to do with their constant measuring and food weighing. Even though there are hidden dietary dangers in wine because it stimulates the appetite, the main point of the book is to give people the benefits of wine without the calorie drawbacks that come with it. The focus is on the health benefits and how to use it to improve food.

The authors use medical and biochemical data to explain the virtues of wine using the science behind food. For example, nutrients like quercetin and resveratrol are important nutrients found in wine. Readers might be surprised to read that a calorie is a measure of the heat it takes to metabolize a food item or beverage and so therefore that’s not what makes them fat.

Chapter 2 titled "Carbohydrates, Rich and Poor" stands out among all the others because it stresses the idea that a totally carbohydrate diet is not a good thing because the human body needs them to fully function. The recommended amount is 55 grams a day but it should be noted that there’s no need to count excessively just to know that lower levels are better. It makes the distinction between rich and poor carbohydrates and recommends nutrient rich carbohydrates for better health. Part Three includes Chapter 9 “How to Read a Wine List” and Chapter 12 “Easy Wine Cooking” and will be of particular interest for the true wine enthusiast.

Overall, “The Wine Lover’s Diet” is about getting back to enjoying food while eating better and including wine to contribute to that enjoyment. A Mediterranean diet goes better with these ideas because it includes wine, simple veggies, reduced sugar and starches. Healthy tips include the importance of combating obesity by moving more, eating better and sustainable ideas like cooking more meals at home and eating organic whenever possible. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Dr Richard Kunin is a world recognized authority on diet and nutrition and the author of the books MegaNutrition and MegaNutrition for women.

*An e-copy of this book was given for an honest review. The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s.

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