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Book Review: "The Silent Governess" by Julie Klassen

"The Silent Governess" by Julie Klassen

Secrets from the past and present swirl around Brightwell Court, a grand estate in a small town. When Olivia Keene, a young woman convinced she committed a terrible crime flees her home and arrives at Brightwell Court she stumbles upon a secret that will change the lives of the people of Brightwell Court forever and just might impact her as well. In "The Silent Governess" by Julie Klassen, the intelligent and beautiful Olivia learns a dangerous secret and must become part of the world of Brightwell Court to protect that shocking secret. Little does Olivia know that her life will be changed forever as well.

"The Silent Governess" follows Olivia Keene, a young teacher who has a difficult relationship with her father and believes she committed a terrible crime involving him. Olivia flees her home and stumbles upon a small town with a grand estate called Brightwell Court. Olivia feels drawn to Brightwell Court and ends up finding herself at a party they are holding that night and finds out a huge secret involving the son and heir of Lord Brightwell, Lord Bradley. She is discovered, arrested, and even encounters an assault that causes her to lose her voice. Lord Bradley, cautious about Olivia knowing this secret, hires her as a nurse to his family relations where Olivia eventually rises to become their governess and regains her voice. Lord Bradley and Olivia grow closer, but the secret involving Lord Bradley and Olivia's odd and surprising connection to the family threaten to tear them apart. "The Silent Governess" is the story about surprising connections and the family secrets from the past threatening the present.

"The Silent Governess" is a lovely read. Klassen has two very strong central characters in the smart and strong Olivia and the brooding, but surprisingly kind Lord Bradley. They stand alone nicely as individual characters and are quite enjoyable together. They are very well-written and interesting characters.

Klassen also does a nice job portraying the world of a governess during this time period. Readers get to understand what their duties were, what roles they had to perform, and what their place was in the family. Klassen's portrayal of Olivia as a governess is very strong. You truly get her love of education and learning. Any teacher will appreciate this aspect of the novel.

Another aspect that is enjoyable are all the character connections. Characters are connected to one another in unexpected and interesting ways. You'll be surprised to see what characters are connected to each other and how their relationship develops. Do be aware though, there are numerous family relations and connections in this novels, so you might want to write it down!

"The Silent Governess" is a strong novel. It has family, romance, secrets, and a whole lot of heart. It's a good book to curl up on a rainy day with and enjoy!

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