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Book Review: "The Pink Suit" by Nicole Mary Kelby
Courtesy of Nicole Mary Kelby

Some pieces of fashion are iconic. There is the white dress Marilyn Monroe wore during "The Seven Year Itch". What about the famous little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? Even, the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress will be forever remembered. There is one piece of fashion that is remembered not for a wedding or a movie, but for a tragic reason. The feminine pink suit with matching pillbox hat worn by First Lady Jackie Kennedy on that November 22, 1963 day will forever be remembered because it was the piece of fashion worn as she held her murdered husband's brain or as she was on Air Force One covered in her husband's dried up blood as she watched another man become President of the United States. This suit was forever iconic because of this tragic day. What is the story behind this beautiful and feminine turned tragic pink suit? Who designed it? Who created it? Why was it chosen? In "The Pink Suit" by Nicole Mary Kelby, you get the story behind the tragic pink suit and the people behind the creation of it.

"The Pink Suit" is the story of Kate, a fictional Irish immigrant turned seamstress who worked at the famous Chez Ninon creating looks for Jackie Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy was criticized for having a French wardrobe and not buying American so Chez Ninon (famous for replicating famous European styles and looks) worked with Chanel to create a replicate of Coco Chanel's famous suit of the 1960's. Kate is chosen to work specifically on the pink suit and puts all her energy and focus into creating this masterpiece for the First Lady. Throughout Kate's creating of the suit, she grows in her career, confidence, and even finds love, but will her passion and obsession with the First Lady's wardrobe threaten her future and happiness? This is the story of a woman who was behind the fashions of Jackie Kennedy, but had a complicated and interesting life of her own.

"The Pink Suit" is such an enjoyable read for fashion lovers. Fashion is always fascinating to read about especially when it deals with a fashion icon such as Jackie Kennedy. Many do not know the story about Jackie Kennedy's famous pink suit and how it wasn't actually made by Chanel, but by Chez Ninon. It's interesting to read how Jackie's wardrobe and image was developed and portrayed to the world.

Seeing the novel through the eyes of Kate is also interesting. You feel Kate's love and passion for fashion and creating looks for the First Lady. You'll also enjoy getting to know her on a personal level from her home in Ireland, her family members, and her budding relationship with a man who is positively smitten with her. This is not just about fashion, but about a woman discovering herself in a new country and in a new life.

"The Pink Suit" is the perfect blend of history, fashion, and a great story. Kelby has combined history and fiction perfectly. If you love history and fashion then you will love "The Pink Suit"!

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