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Book review: 'The Investor's Paradox' by Brian Portnoy

'The Investor's Paradox' by Brian Portnoy offers readers advice on investing and choosing financial managers.

Brian Portnoy has been researching, advising and investing in hedge funds and mutual funds for the past fourteen years. In his latest book “The Investor’s Paradox: The Power of Simplicity in a World of Overwhelming Choice” he shares his knowledge on the subject as it pertains to making economic decisions in a world of “decision overload.”

In “The Investor’s Paradox” Portnoy begins in the Introduction by discussing what the book is about, what he is trying to get across to the reader and how the book is organized. In Chapter One under the section “The Lessons of Strawberry Jam” he puts forth the social psychology scenario in which customers at a store are more likely to buy and be satisfied with their purchases when they are given less options.

That is the overlying theme throughout the book as he uses behavioral economics, social psychology and choice theory to help readers make better decisions about who they trust to make investment choices for them. He also gives detail information about the different investment options including hedge funds.

Since some of the language can be advanced “The Investor’s Paradox” is mostly of those who are seriously looking for detailed information about investing and choosing financial managers. Using charts and graphs Brian Portnoy gives readers the tools to make better choices in today’s volatile economic market.

*A copy of this book was given for an honest review. The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s.

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