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Book review – “The Imati” - Young Adult Fiction

The Imati - by C.T. Hillin
The Imati - by C.T. Hillin
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Seventeen-year-old Alastrina Byrne appears wise beyond her years. She knows about history a little too well and has traveled too much for someone her age. What others don’t know is that, behind that youthful face, Alastrina has actually lived 300 years.

Alastrina is an Imati, the daughter of a human female and an immortal Imati male, who gave her the gift of immortality. She has lived all over the world, seen friends and acquaintances die, and yet she has remained always youthful. Now she is in Belfast, Maine, where new adventures and dangers await her.

This is a world in which humans are not alone. Besides the Imati, there are the powerful Seekers who hate them. There are also the SoulJumpers, who steal human bodies to host their immortal souls. And there are Eternal Councils, blue magic, and ancient prophecies.

The question here is – when faced with a real chance of a romantic love; will Alastrina give up her immortality?

To find out you must read The Imati, the new novel by C.T. Hillin. The Imati awakens the imagination. Makes one wonder “what if!” there were higher powerful creatures surrounding us simple mortals. It is nicely written, an easy read of short chapters that takes you on a tour throughout time and distance. It is catalogued as a Young Adult (YA) Supernatural / Paranormal romance novel, but really it can be enjoyed by any fan of Romance and Fantasy books.

Reading it brings to mind the supernatural YA stories that have been so popular lately. One of the most popular, Twilight, tells of a girl who abandons her humanness so that she can be forever with her beau. In The Imati, Hillin flips that premise. “I originally was inspired to write The Imati because I wanted to turn the YA / superhero formula upside down,” says Hillin. “A lot of classic YA fantasy books are about an ordinary teenager becoming extraordinary (gaining a superpower, finding out they hunt shadows, learning about vampires, or becoming a wizard). I wanted to explore a character that was already extraordinary (in this case an immortal) and what would happen if she became ordinary again?”

Hillin wrote the chapters in the voice of various characters – this time Alastrina tells about her time in Ireland in 1740, then Connor explains how he ended up in Maine, and still later Bill Barnes tells of his adventures in Spain in 1906, and so on. Through their stories, the reader visits multiple places in the Americas and Europe and sees flashbacks of events that occurred within the last three centuries.

The Imati is Hillin’s first novel, and so published author can now be added to a resume that already includes writing screenplays for produced Hollywood films and articles for the Huffington Post.

More details about The Imati can be found at The book is available for purchase on at $7.20 on paperback or $2.99 for Kindle.


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