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Book Review - The Complete Book of Dreams

Pamela Ball's new book outlines how to fulfill desires and wishes through creative dreaming.
Pamela Ball's new book outlines how to fulfill desires and wishes through creative dreaming.
Trish Hoskin

Pamela Ball’s new book, The Complete Book of Dreams (Arcturus Publishing Limited, 2009), is an insightful guide to interpreting dreams and learning to create a life of inspiration and vision.

In the introduction, Ball asserts that creative dreaming is an arguable topic. She states, “Whether such a phenomenon even exists, except on a subjective level, is debatable… Scientists cannot agree… some saying that researching creative dreaming is a waste of time, while others are prepared to devote most of their professional lives to the subject.” This frankness is demonstrative of Ball’s down-to-earth style, a welcome and refreshing change to some new age books.

The Complete Book of Dreams is a 511-page paperback, that covers not only specific symbols in dreams, but also types of dreams, methods of interpretation, ways to control dreams, as well as tying dream analysis into topics such as meditation, astrology, numerology, crystals and archetypes. Ball’s exploration of dream analysis is complete and thorough.

Ball begins her book by describing the benefits of creative dreaming. She says that it can “help us to venture beyond the normal boundaries and restrictions which we tend to impose upon ourselves and develop our ability to fulfill our fantasies”. She goes on to explain that while dreaming, we are free to do and be whatever we want. The only restrictions we experience in dreaming are the ones we impose upon ourselves.

The fact that dreaming is a place to do anything, fulfill any desire, experience any wish, is an idea that should be underscored for its implications. Most people would agree that daily life involves some sacrifices and conforming. This self-restriction often carries over into the private self; in self-talk, dreaming and the subconscious mind. If this self-restriction can be overcome while dreaming, the dreamer can have the complete experience of abundance, freedom, love – anything important – and this will impact waking life.

How would creative dreaming impact waking life? Ball writes that many people describe their first experience with creative dreaming as the most wonderful sensation of their lives. She then goes on to say, “the aspect of living more fully is perhaps the most exciting of all…” Expressing oneself completely and freely in a creative dream provides insight and an alleviation of the restrictions that are encountered in waking life.

Ball’s new book is one that is full of interesting ideas and dream symbology.


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