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Book Review: "The Blonde" by Anna Godbersen

"The Blonde" by Anna Godbersen
"The Blonde" by Anna Godbersen

There has always been discussion about the relationship between President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monoroe. Was it a passionate, but fleeting affair? Was it something deeper? What if there was something sinister and shocking between the beloved president and the glamorous actress? In "The Blonde" by Anna Godbersen, it is imagined that the actress was sleeping with JFK for more than his good looks and charm, but for something more political and dangerous. Imagine, Marilyn Monroe as a spy!

"The Blonde" portrays Marilyn Monroe as a gorgeous and sexy, but insecure actress. At the beginning of her career when she was only plain Norma Jean a man transforms her into Marilyn Monroe. Who was the man? Try a Soviet agent named Alexei who plans to use the newly created Marilyn to further their cause. Promising Marilyn the opportunity to meet the father she never knew, Alexei commands Marilyn to seduce the young politician John F. Kennedy and gather all his secrets. As John becomes President Kennedy and Marilyn actually falls in love with JFK, everything becomes more dangerous. "The Blonde" is a look at Marilyn Monroe beyond the scandalous pill-popping, flighty, and sexy actress and puts her in a dangerous and shocking situation where the fate of the country is in her red manicured hands.

"The Blonde" is an absolutely sensational historical fiction novel. The novel takes two of the most notorious figures of the 20th century in JFK and Marilyn Monroe and their supposed affair and makes it even more shocking. Having Norma Jean's transformation into Marilyn as the work of a Soviet agent and using her as a spy is a genius approach at the characterization of Marilyn. This is such a unique twist on an already scandalous story.

Godbersen does a great job with the characters. Marilyn is as glamorous and sexy as you'd imagine, but also as erratic and insecure as you would expect. JFK is charming, alluring, and handsome, but you also see the careless playboy side to him. Other fantastic appearances and portrayals include Robert F. Kennedy, Peter Lawford, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, Arthur Miller, Frank Sinatra, and Clark Gable.

This is such a treat in historical fiction! You get history, sex, scandal, intrigue, and politics. It's a delicious blend of history and imagination. You won't want to put this fascinating and jaw-dropping novel down!

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