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Book Review Temptation by Victoria Christopher Murray

Temptation by Victoria Christopher Murray
Temptation by Victoria Christopher Murray

Temptation by Victoria Christopher Murray is a classic Christian fiction novel. Although this book was published in 1997 and is not quite 20 years old, it is considered a classic because of what it represents. For many writers in the Christian fiction genre, Victoria is credited with starting a genre without realizing it. She did this when she self-published Temptation in 1997.

I first read this book after it was picked up by a main stream publisher. I read it around 2001. It was given to me by a friend and sat in my car trunk for months. Then one afternoon I was waiting for someone to come out from an appointment so I picked it up and began reading. It started off slowly but by the time my friend came to the car, I was hooked.

Temptation is the story of Kyla and Jefferson Blake. The strength of their marriage is tested when Kyla’s best friend Jasmine sets on her sights on Jefferson and gets him into bed. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I did take issue with the fact that Jefferson gave in to Jasmine so easily and willingly. It was as if he were powerless under her spell. While this may happen to some men, I just don’t feel it’s realistic to always blame the “vamp” of a woman for a man’s indiscretion.

The sub-plot of this book centers on Jefferson’s best friend Brian and his budding romance with another of Kyla’s friends, Alexis.

This was Victoria’s first book and as I’ve continued to be a fan, I’ve watched her growth as an author. I continue to be a huge fan. If you are a fan of the Christian fiction genre and you have not read the book that is considered by many to have started it all, I suggest you pick up Temptation and give it a read.

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