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Book Review: smash cut

Published by Simon & Schuster
Puplished by: Thorndike Press Large Print
Published by Simon & Schuster Puplished by: Thorndike Press Large Print
Jacket design: Jackiie Snow Jacket cover: Eric Michelson

Smash cut by Sandra Brown once again is able to grab your attention and pull you into this spell binding tale of intrigue, manipulation, and execution.


This drama appears to be a simple robbery and murder mystery. However, Sandra Brown weaves a narrative capable of holding your attention to the last page. With a few brush strokes of the pen, she has you involved with the characters; you feel their emotions, their thoughts, and their revolutions.


What appears to be a robbery of convenience leads to a wealthy and prominent member of
Atlanta, Georgia’s society death. Paul Wheeler gets on the elevator, it stops, the door opens, there is shouting, a robbery, a gunshot, and Paul lies dead in the arms of his mistress, Julie Rutledge..


The police think this murder was a fluke, the robber pull the trigger by accident in the excitement of the moment. However, Julie is convinced that Paul’s nephew, Creighton is behind it.


Creighton begins to stalk Julie, but nobody believes that he could be the sociopath that Julie claims, let alone behind the murder of his uncle.


The more she tries to convince the news media, the police and the attorney hired by Paul’s brother, Doug, the more the police look towards her, as the person behind the murderer.


Smash cut has all the essences of a great novel: romance, mystery, and intrigue that make for an enjoyable and very readable story.


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