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Book review: 'Paranormal Intruder' by Caroline Mitchell

'Paranormal Intruder: The True Story of a Family in Fear' by Caroline Mitchell
Caroline Mitchell

'Paranormal Intruder: The True Story of a Family in Fear' is a new book about an extraordinary chain of events that occurred in Southern England. Police officer, wife and mother turned author Caroline Mitchell explains how circumstances began in 2010 when a wide variety of objects were inexplicably thrown about her home. Episodes then quickly progressed in both frightening and interesting manners that not only increased in intensity, but also spread from one individual and location to another. This was all apparently witnessed by a substantial number of people such as police officers, clergy and paranormal investigators, several of which have testimonies included in the book.

'Orlando Paranormal Examiner' recommends 'Paranormal Intruder' for a variety of reasons. Particularly interesting aspects of the book are considered below, along with some inherent challenges of publishing such reported experiences.


A primary challenge in reading nonfiction material in the paranormal genre is that readers must be willing and able to suspend judgment about conclusive explanations. It is natural to search between the lines for clues of proof of paranormal circumstances or evidence of a hoax, but no such conclusive evidence is forthcoming. The reality of the situation is that - from the work of 17th century scholar Joseph Glanvill to the likes of the late popular writer/researcher John Keel - readers simply cannot accept such material as anything more or less than information as presented by the author.

In the case of 'Paranormal Intruder', author Mitchell does a good job of sharing the story as she apparently perceived it to unfold, and an even better job at refraining from disproportionately arguing any interpretations she may have of its explanations. This is helpful on a number of levels, such as encouraging the suspension of judgment during the search for explanations.


The story of Mitchell and her family consisted of rather amazing poltergeist-like activity, including the flight of dishes, cups and knives. It quickly reportedly escalated to include unexplained writing, shocking sounds, audible voices and ominous telephone calls, sometimes involving a cell phone in which the battery was removed. Additional reported circumstances included people pelted with such objects as pebbles and cereal, the spontaneous outbreak of fires and physical attacks conducted by unseen forces. It is somewhat challenging to describe the reported paranormal circumstances due to their sheer high number.

Among the more intriguing aspects of the case was the apparent transference of activity from one individual and location to another. The occurrences seemed to follow Mitchell's husband, Neil, at least to some extent, and to subsequently manifest in the homes of his friends, relatives and even at pubs he would visit.

One of the more interesting events reportedly occurred during a night of substantial paranormal activity at Mitchell's home and while two investigators were present. Several men seemed to have simultaneously witnessed a young man take on the appearance of an aged, old man. One of the investigators later wrote in November, 2013, that he was only then - after three years - fully coming to terms with the extents of phenomena he observed and experienced while studying the case. He added that he was continuing to occasionally experience objects inexplicably moving about his home which was located several miles from Mitchell's residence.

Own it

Paranormal enthusiasts should own Mitchell's book. She describes the thoughts and emotions experienced during what, by all accounts, was an extraordinary amount and extent of seemingly paranormal activity. She additionally provides readers with what were her apparently honest feelings on related aspects of the circumstances, including hypocrisy within organized religion and stress in the workplace.

Perhaps most appreciated were Mitchell's admissions of intermittent fascination with the circumstances. Though her story is one of sometimes alarming and disturbing implications, Mitchell fully conceded that many of the relevant parties, herself included, were at times as curious as concerned. The author's resulting experiments are discussed, as are her considerations of such topics as telekinesis, potential dangers of being fascinated with the circumstances and related implications.

'Paranormal Intruder' represents a most relevant chain of circumstances to the genre. The events and witnesses have the potential to attract a great deal of investigation, inquiry and speculation. We are likely to hear discussion and debate about this case for quite some time to come.

'Paranormal Intruder: The True Story of a Family in Fear' by Caroline Mitchell is available on Amazon. More about the author and her story may be found on her website.

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