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Book Review: Not For Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade

It is hard for many of us to imagine, but there is a slave trade that is alive and thriving all over the world. In almost every major country and in many small ones, human trafficking is occurring. The poor and vulnerable, widows and orphans, and at times entire families are being lured and trapped into a life of servitude and slavery.

David Batstone, in his book Not For Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade, chronicles the return of the global slave trade as well as the hot beds for slavery around the world. The book is full of statistics, thoroughly researched, and includes real life accounts by former victims of their time in slavery as well as how they escaped in places such as Thailand, Uganda, Europe, and the USA.

The victims stories are chilling and tragic, but Batstone also profiles the every day people and heros who have dedicated their lives to rescuing slaves. Not For Sale is an excellent resource for readers to learn about modern human trafficking and how they can help stop it. 


  • Jessica Gunkel 5 years ago

    Great review Taylor. I think I'll have to read this one.

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