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Book Review:"Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn, Volume I" by Sarah Morris

"Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn, Volume I" by Sarah Morris
"Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn, Volume I" by Sarah Morris

Imagine loving a historical figure so much that you somehow end up time traveling and finding yourself in the body of your favorite historical figure. This happened to Anne, a super fan of Anne Boleyn. Sharing the name of her favorite historical figure, Anne had been fascinated with Anne Boleyn, the doomed second wife of King Henry VIII all her life. She would read anything she could on Anne Boleyn and would often visit the palaces and places Anne Boleyn called home. A visit to Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn would change Anne's life forever and put her closer to her heroine than she ever thought possible. In "Le Temps Viendra: a Novel of Anne Boleyn, Volume I" by Sarah Morris, Anne experiences the life of her beloved heroine, Anne Boleyn by living in her body and experiencing her life. Talk about a connection!

"Le Temps Viendra" follows Anne's journey of living Anne Boleyn's life. 21st century Anne has no living family members, a complicated love life, and is not happy or satisfied with her life. The novel begins with Anne's visit to Hever Castle. Anne expects to have a day enjoying the childhood home of her beloved Anne Boleyn, but she falls ills while visiting, falls unconscious, and wakes up in 1527 in England in the body of Anne Boleyn. Using Anne's own knowledge of Anne Boleyn, her intelligence, and being that connected with the spirit of Anne Boleyn, Anne maneuvers Tudor England and being the beloved of King Henry VIII. Along Anne's journey as Anne Boleyn she falls in love personally with King Henry, grows to love and feel connected to Anne Boleyn's family and counts them as her own, and feels right at home at the English court. Anne knows what lies ahead for Anne Boleyn, but enjoys the wonderful years of 1527-1528 and being a star at the Tudor court. When Anne returns from her journey as Anne Boleyn she is thrust back into her regular life in the 21st century and back to all her old problems and sadness. She knows she has to continue on in her normal life, but she longs for Anne Boleyn's world. Anne finds herself truly trapped between both worlds. "Le Temps Viendra" is a unique look at the life of Anne Boleyn through one of her biggest fans and with a 21st century twist.

Many historical fiction readers have grown tired of the numerous Tudor/Anne Boleyn novels. Readers have been crying for something new when it comes to the story of Anne Boleyn. Morris provides that with "Le Temps Viendra". Seeing the life of Anne Boleyn and her happiest and most successful years through the eyes and mind of her 21st century super fan is an interesting, bold, and fun twist. It is fascinating to watch a woman who knows Anne Boleyn so well experience her heroine's life and be part of her high and low moments. Anne Boleyn's story comes off so fresh and unique with this interesting approach.

It is also a brilliant portrait of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's love story. This novel takes place during the peak of King Henry and Anne Boleyn's love for one another and you can feel the love, passion, and even respect between them leap off the pages. You never doubt Henry VIII's love for her, but you also get to experience and understand that Anne Boleyn had deep love for him as well. This is a beautiful portrayal of the complex love story before it turned so sour.

Another highlight of the novel is getting a taste of Anne's life in the 21st century. Anne has her own complicated relationship she's dealing with and her own doubts and insecurities. 21st century Anne is often insecure, unhappy, and lonely and that brings out a new vulnerability to Anne Boleyn when Anne takes over her body. Both Anne and Anne Boleyn are so well-written and interesting thanks to Morris.

Anne and Anne Boleyn's story will continue in a future novel with Anne Boleyn's rise and downfall. It will be exciting to see how Morris blends the 21st century Anne and Queen Anne Boleyn together. It's great to have a new and unique novel in Tudor historical fiction!

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