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Book Review: 'How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide'

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Want tips on writing a college application essay? How about writing a lab report in school? What makes a persuasive love letter? What about writing a cover letter for your job search? All these topics and more are covered in “How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide” by Laura Brown.

"How to Write Anything" is a valuable and easy to use tool for any writing situation. The book starts with handy chapters on the writing process, how to target your audience and using electronic or pen and paper communication, however you don’t need to read this book from start to finish. Helpfully broken down into topical sections for writing in your personal life, at school and at work, the book makes it easy to jump right in to the section that you need.

The chapters that will be particularly useful for high school and college ages students are the ones that cover writing for school. Not only does Laura Brown address the basics on essay writing but it has sections devoted to academic disciplines like sciences, art and the social sciences. A specific chapter highlights the college application process, including writing for scholarship applications.

The best thing about this book besides that it covers such a wide range of writing topics is that the prose is easy to read and provides great examples of what to do and what not to do. Examples are given on everything – even a sample recipe for baking!

While “How To Write Anything: A Complete Guide” is a physically hefty tome, this is definitely one that a student should have in their backpack! For students just starting the college application process or heading off to college, I’d recommend this book as a must-have resource.

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