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Book review for grandkids - Survive! Inside the Human Body

Excitement and adventure teach biology in this cartoon book series
Hyuon-Dong Han

Are your grandchildren interested in science? I'm happy to introduce you to a book series that might grab their attention. It's called Survive! Inside the Human Body, and it's all about a cartoon kid and his grownup pal traveling through the human body, Fantastic-Voyage-like. But unlike the 1966 science fiction thriller movie, these books were created specifically to introduce biology to grade-school kids.

The books are translated from the original best-selling science comic book series from South Korea. The story lines are about the kid hero Geo and grownup Dr. Brain traveling through their friend Phoebe's body in search of solutions. This adventure aspect - and the wham-bam cartoon drawings - make the books feel like anything but textbooks. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are respectively: The Digestive System, The Circulatory System, and The Nervous System.

Catchy questions on the flyleaf catch readers' interest. "Have you ever wondered..."

  • Why your blood forms a scab after you get a cut or scrape?
  • How your muscles and brain get the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive?
  • Why we have sphincters?
  • Why we have trillions of tiny microbes living inside us?
  • How your body protects your brain?
  • Why humans have such big cerebrums compared to other animals?

The books state they're for ages 8 and up, but my six-year-old granddaughter was spellbound. She even took the books out on her own and sat reading them for an hour and a half at a sitting. Pretty good recommendation.

And might satisfy the urge some of us baby boomers have to teach our grandkids with something handheld other than an electronic device.

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