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Book review: "Dear Diane: Letters From The First Gulf War" by Atlanta author, Stephen Bradshaw

In his book, Dear Diane: Letters From The First Gulf War, Atlanta-based author, Stephen Bradshaw, gives readers a thorough look through the intimate trials of a marriage deployed.

Collecting letters he’d written to his wife during his tour in the first Gulf War of 1990, Mr. Bradshaw spins a poignant web of lessons for those who now face these same challenges.

Floating between what he admits to be somewhat mundane musings; financial plans and travel details, to more in-depth matters dealing with imminent danger culminating in what may or may not have been his final letter home, Dear Diane: Letters From The First Gulf War speaks to both military service members as well as those left behind.

A personal, sometimes in deep detail, account of the evolution of a couple engaged in a young marriage while navigating the trials of a war-time deployment, Stephen Bradshaw unveils the inner-workings of a man and a woman growing together during a challenging time.

In moments detailed in writing, Dear Diane: Letters From The First Gulf War spans seven months and chronicles the ever-changing emotions, sometimes erratic and unreasonable to deeply touching and undeniably moving, to which any couple can easily relate.

From wondering why letters aren’t arriving to him, to being thankful for even the smallest gift of a cassette tape, Stephen Bradshaw welcomes readers into a world lost - the written word. While electronic means have taken the place of the hand-written sentiment, readers are reminded of a time when communication during war-time was an inconstant and ever-changing thing and that a letter from home was -and still is- as prized as a cherished treasure.

Dear Diane: Letters From The First Gulf War takes readers on a journey through penned emotions, intimate and unfiltered, from a husband to his wife in an uncertain time. An excellent read for those with a penchant for the voyeuristic, Mr. Bradshaw shares the realities his most personal thoughts and feelings about his circumstance and of his love and, at times, frustration with, his wife, Diane.

Dear Diane: Letters From The First Gulf War shows readers that marriage during war-time can be done with grace and poise when a cherished relationship is held in high esteem and love is placed above all else.

Stephen Bradshaw will be available for book signing at the Marlay House located in Decatur on Wednesday, September 29th from 7 to 9 pm.

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