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Book Review: Blood Game

Johansen Publishing L.L.L.P.
St Marten Press
Johansen Publishing L.L.L.P. St Marten Press
Johansen Publishing L.L.L.P.

Iris Johansen continues the saga of Eve Duncan in her book Blood Game. For those of you who have not encounter Eve Duncan before, she lost her most precious possession, her seven-year old daughter, Bonnie.


It has been ten years and Eve is still looking for her daughter’s body, brutally murder by a serial killer she wants closure and with the help of former FBI agent Joe Quinn, it might happen.


Eve and Joe relationship evolves into many complex twists and turns as they are determined to stop this ritual serial killer. Kevin Jelak is a diabolical and satanic person who firmly believes that female blood will give him immortally. He taunts Eve with the knowledge of where her daughter, Bonnie might lie, in order to lure her into his web.


Blood Game has well developed characters. Iris Johansen is able to get into the mind of serial killers and bring them to life in your imagination the writing flow effortlessly and you do not have to read previous Eve Duncan’s books in order to enjoy this one.