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Book Review: "Benedict Hall" by Cate Campbell

"Benedict Hall" by Cate Campbell

The most dysfunctional families often come from those with money and prestige. Money and grand estates do not buy happiness. In "Benedict Hall" by Cate Campbell, readers are introduced to the Benedict family, a family of wealth, prestige, and acclaim in 1920's Seattle, but a family with dysfunction among family members. What happens when this dysfunction between family members turns deadly and affects all those surrounding them?

"Benedict Hall" follows four different characters and shows how their lives intersect and impact one another. There is Frank Parrish, a wounded warrior from World War I dealing with the devastating loss of his hand from battle. Frank arrives in Seattle to start a new life and runs into his fellow soldier, the wealthy and handsome Preston Benedict. Preston is a member of the wealthy and elite Benedict family of Seattle. Preston introduces Frank to his family and Frank meets the independent, strong-willed, and ambitious Margot, a female doctor who instantly fascinates him with her free-spirit, compassion, and strength. As Frank gets to know the Benedict family, he witnesses the intense cruelty and hatred Preston shows towards his older sister. Preston's jealousy and anger towards Margot puts her in danger, but the kind longtime butler, Abraham Blake will do anything to protect the woman he considers a daughter. As Preston's paranoia, jealousy, and hatred grow more intense, the lives of Margot, Frank, and Mr. Blake are put in danger. "Benedict Hall" is the story of family strife, jealousy, and protecting those you love.

"Benedict Hall" is an absolutely riveting novel! Campbell brings to life 1920's Seattle and makes you feel as if you are alongside all the characters. Speaking of the characters, they are fantastic! Campbell has created such interesting, well-developed and unique characters. You'll hate Preston and his cruel ways towards Margot, but you'll feel sympathy for his inner struggle and jealousies. You'll love the brooding, but kind and gentle Frank. Margot and her independence, determination, and love for her career is beautiful. The character you'll fall in love with the most though is former slave turned butler Mr. Blake with his fascinating past, his love and protectiveness of those that matter to him, and his special adoration of Margot.

"Benedict Hall" is a book you will stay up late into the night reading. It's a true page turner! Luckily "Benedict Hall" is the first novel in a series about this family, so readers can look forward to more great works from Campbell!

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