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Book review: 'America Never Promised Us Happiness' by Dr L.A. Lemmons

“America Never Promised Us Happiness (Only the Right to Pursue It)” by Dr L.A. Lemmons is an eye-opening view at the concept of happiness and why some people will never be happy.

The search for happiness is the reason some people buy a bigger house or a newer car. After awhile reality sets in and they find themselves longing for something different and that sets off a never-ending cycle of unfulfilled bliss. Dr L.A. Lemmons is a naturopathic physician whose personal search for real happiness led her to write “America Never Promised Us Happiness (Only the Right to Pursue It).”

Dr Lemmons starts out in the Introduction by describing what led her to write this book. She left her medical practice to find answers and is now sharing her findings with readers who like her are questioning the whole concept of happiness. What she found out may not appeal to everyone but it’s worth at least keeping an open mind. Some of her views are controversial and that’s okay. Readers don’t have to agree with everything she writes about to get something out of this book.

According to the author it’s natural for people to want to be happy. The problem comes from expecting education, marriages and careers to provide that happiness when in reality they’re meant only as survival mechanisms. Happiness is not a destination but rather “a tool with which to help a person through the rough spots in life with greater finesse.”

The overall theme is that corporations are evil and that everything from home ownership to education is one brain washing scheme. In Part 6 “Fools Rush In: The Truth About Education” the author writes that education was invented because it was thought that parents don’t have the necessary tools to prepare their children for the real world. While that statement might ruffle some feathers it’s meant to reinforce the idea that people should trust their own instincts no matter what and that there really is “no place like home.”

“America Never Promised Us Happiness (Only the Right to Pursue It)” by Dr L.A. Lemmons is a thought provoking look into what really lurks behind institutions like education, religion and even romance and marriage. It is a reality check, challenges the status quo and is meant as a “cautionary tale about happiness, a survival guide…” It’s easy to read and highly recommended for anyone willing to entertain the notion that maybe true happiness is just an illusion.

“This mysterious and loosely defined experience is actually an ingenious marketing gimmick created for the sole purpose of helping marketers sell their products.”

*An e-copy of this book was given for an honest review. The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s.

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