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Book Review: " A Touch of Dead" by Charlaine Harris

A Touch of dead
A Touch of dead

"A Touch of Dead" by Charliane Harris
Published by Ace Publishing

"A Touch of Dead" is a compulation of short stories in Charlaine Harris' Vampire series, (a.k.a. the Sookie Stackhouse novels), that help fill in the blanks between the novels. Although the stories have been published before with other short stories, not related to the Stackhouse series, this is the first time that they have been available as one book. The five short stories include;

"Fairy Dust" (takes place after Dead To The World),
"Dracula Night" (takes place before Dead As A Doornail),
"One Word Answer" (takes place after Dead As A Doornail),
"Lucky" (takes place after All Together Dead), and
"Gift Wrap" (takes place before Dead And Gone).

This book is a great addition the the library of any Sookie Stackhouse or "True Blood" fan. These are the background stories that enrich the series. Each short story has an illustration, which is new to the Harris books. The illustrations are the art work of Lisa Desimini, who has been doing the illustrations for the book covers since the first Sookie book, "Dead until Dark."

The negatives are few but worth mentioning. The stories are very short and very little depth in the writing. I think that Harris should have added more stories to this compulation. The price is much too high for such a basic book of short stories. I would suggest to you, that you may wish borrow your neighbor's copy or check it out at your local library, unless you are collecting the novels.

If you have never read the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris then you are missing out on one the freshest new vampire series for adults in a long time. They are easy to read and with this winter coming, it may be a good time to catch up on the books you have been missing.



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