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Book: Retired ATF Agent Mark Rusin pens murder mystery, 'Justice for Dallas'

Mark Rusin pens a true-life novel 'Justice for Dallas: A Marko Novak Mystery.'
Mark Rusin pens a true-life novel 'Justice for Dallas: A Marko Novak Mystery.'
(Mark Rusin)

Remember the name: Mark Rusin.

Mark Rusin (left) with President Bill Clinton (right) at the White House on May 20, 1993, 4 months after 4 ATF agents were killed in Waco, Texas. The families of those killed attended the memorial at White House. First Lady Hillary Clinton also attended.
(Mark Rusin)

Make note of the title of this book: Justice for Dallas: A Marko Novak Mystery.

Mark Rusin had a successful career in law enforcement and is destined to have a big career as a mystery novelist. Mark Rusin has a big future as a big-time author.

The book? The book Mark Rusin penned is a compelling and gripping narrative that is worth the read. Justice for Dallas: A Marko Novak Mystery is available from Amazon as a paperback for $11.66 and also from Amazon as an e-book, for the ridiculously low price of $2.99.

Why buy this book?

The book is based on actual events and took Rusin many years to pull together into a manuscript.

It works.

Mark Rusin was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, attending Quigley South High School and then Western Illinois University where he majored in Law Enforcement Administration with a minor in Psychology. Mark loves to say he minored in ice hockey, a sport that he loves.

Rusin served as a Las Vegas METRO Police Officer for 4 years and left in December of 1983. He then joined the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) and served in that capacity until he retired from the Federal service in March 2007. During his tenure in Las Vegas and as an ATF Special Agent, he investigated close up and personal, several tragedies that included bombings, arsons and murders.

Rusin published his first novel; a murder mystery titled Justice for Dallas: A Marko Novak Mystery, and is based on a true story and inspired by actual events. The main character in the book, Special Agent Marko Novak, is from Rusin's own image and experiences in investigative law enforcement with the Las Vegas Police Department and as a Special Agent with the ATF.

ATF Agent Marko Novak is assigned to investigate one of the most brutal family murder scenes in northern California history. What haunts the young agent most is the way they killed the 5-year old little girl named Dallas. With very little to go on, Novak finds himself pitted against a ruthless motorcycle gang and their unstable leader. But in the end, will justice prevail?

The author explains the insights into the day-to-day life of an ATF Special Agent. Throughout the story the author draws from his own experiences growing up as a kid in Chicago, flashbacks and night sweats as an ex-copper in Las Vegas and now the trials and tribulations while immersed in the most ruthless killing case of his career.

The story brings you from the San Francisco ATF Office where Rusin was assigned to the marijuana fields of Mendocino County just north of the Bay area. Las Vegas also plays a part as the scene of a lucky encounter, some of Rusin’s friends & fondest memories. A motorcycle club and its ruthless leader are the focus of the investigation.

The book is a "worthy read" because it is from the perspective of somebody that was there. The book makes you feel it and the passion of Marko Novak comes through in the pages of this book. You can feel Marko Novak wanting to solve the crime.

The suspicion is there will be more from this author and after reading this quality first novel, you are wanting for more.

During his law enforcement career, Mark witnessed and investigated several major fire scenes, homicides, bombings and other high profile cases from which serve to inspire his story writing content, jargon and style. He is truly a “Chicago sports junkie” and published writer with this being his first crime novel.

Mark and his beautiful wife Marcie currently live in the Chicago area where he continues to write stories and still dreams about playing hockey for his home town Blackhawks.

The Chicago Blackhawks won the 2013 Stanley Cup Championship during the past shortened season.

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