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Book Report: Connection, by Larry Crabb

Content Summary

God has given his children the same power that He has given to His Son, Jesus Christ. This means that God’s children has the power to heal sickness and disease, whether mental or physical. Falling short of the glory of God is all a part of the journey. Who will be the source of our healing? No one has the power to heal himself without the power of God existing inside of him. God has equipped His children with the knowledge of Him. What does that mean? God is three persons in one, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. All believers have the power to go into their communities and heal lost souls. The relationships that are encountered with family members and friends can be very fragile unless the source behind the relationship is the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, otherwise, there is no power. There are countless situations that appear to be geared in the wrong direction, but the Bible tells us not to look at the things we can see because they are temporary, yet look at what you cannot see, which is eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). What does that mean? For example, in the story about the life of Joseph. You would think with all the hatred from his brothers, and being thrown in prison, his life would end up a tragedy, but God turned his tragedy into an “opportunity,” that changed his status to a leadership position. Apparently Joseph made the right connection, he was connected to the source that gave him the power to endure hardness like a good soldier. Being connected to the right source will lead one to be triumphant. For instance, one transformer in your neighborhood can disconnect the electricity of thousands of people. Why? Because all those people are connected to the same source of power, that comes from the same transformer. This is the way it is when one person is connected to the power of God, it benefits the entire body of Christ. The Bible says, we are many members, but one body(Romans 12:4). God has made His children in His image. Understanding the meaning behind, “made in the image of God,” bring’s clarity to those who have a relationship with God. Having the mind of Christ means being able to deny selfish desires, and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. God gives all of His children purpose and vision. There must be an understanding of purpose, otherwise, there is no meaning for existing. Crabb demonstrates God’s purpose and plan for the body of Christ, is simply to have the heart of God, the energy of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. As a result mankind will understand clearly in his mind the vision and purpose of God’s ultimate plan.

Critical Review

Crabb takes the reader on a journey, explaining how the power of God is essential in man’s life, and without it man is destitute. Crabb draws his audience in by showing how relationships can start out weak and emotionally damaged, and God can use those weaknesses and turn them into opportunities that lead to success and prosperity. On the other hand problems can exist, and are certainly real. The real problem is taking on the problems of others, and letting their problems become a burden. Instead of being a good listener and encourager, the focus is on the problem and one becomes subdued by temptation. Crabb cleverly exegetes his intended purpose with meaning and diplomacy. Crabbs strengths was demonstrated by showing the importance of God’s people, ordinary Christians learning to connect through the power of the Holy Spirit and spreading that spirit throughout the body of Christ. There were no weaknesses that I can see, except for those readers who haven’t the slightest inkling of who the Holy Spirit is. It truly is an advantage to read the “Connection,” as it not only encourages and enlightens the reader , but it teaches the reader who he is and how to deny temptation and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. It teaches the reader about true community and healing through the support and encouragement of friends and family. There is only a disadvantage for the reader who does not apply these principles of the Bible to his/her daily life.

Crabb compassionately understood his audience and made a heart-felt contribution to the soul of the reader, by explaining the most important part of community, which is personal support, prayers, from family, friends and the church community. The interesting part of the book was that the author showed how the power of God can move through ordinary people. The good part of the book showed how, through the power of passion, Christians can please God by accepting one another, and the most ultimate question that most Christian have been waiting on the answer to, is simply knowing and understanding what the power within us truly means? It is simply the releasing of God’s life in us. There are no bad parts to the book thus far. This book has taught me the importance of prayer time, personal support from friends family members, and church home. Also the importance of being compassionate toward others, showing the love of Christ in our communities and abroad.

Personal Evaluation

I have a greater understanding of people. God truly had an appreciation for His Son, and He demonstrated His love for you and me through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is our example setter. Therefore, through His selfless love, his passionate heart toward me, I can learn to love a stranger, and see that person in a totally different light; simply because of the unconditional love that Christ has taught me. As a Christian caregiver/counselor I can love those whom I care for because I know who my true Counselor and Caregiver is, the Holy Spirit is the true Comforter and Counselor, who resides in me. This book was about learning to connect and love people unconditionally, through the love of Jesus Christ.

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