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Book Release: Astral Tide by Anna Silver

Astral Tide is available now at Amazon
Anna Silver

Houston area author, Anna Silver has a new book coming out in her best-selling Otherborn series. Astral Tide, the much anticipated sequel to Otherborn, follows the continued adventures of London and her friends in an oppressive, dystopian future. I recently sat down with Anna to talk about her new book.

Tell me about your new book, Astral Tide.

In Astral Tide, the Otherborn are still on the run, but this time they know exactly who’s pursuing them.

London and her friends are fugitives in a reprocessed world where anything new is illegal. But as Otherborn, they’re different. They can dream and create, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. After fleeing Capital City with an assassin on their heels, the Otherborn found nothing went according to plan. Now, they are down by two and on the run in the Outroads, but the Tycoons keep mysteriously gaining on them. And seven months later, London is no closer to her promise to go back for Rye , if there is anything left to go back for. But Zen is teaching London that there may be more to her heart than the pieces she left behind, and London can’t help but feel guilty about not looking back since they fled New Eden. Should she hold on to hope that Rye is more than just a memory, or embrace a new life and love with Zen?
In their race to outrun their enemies, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: they can only run for so long. Eventually, they’ll have to face what waits when the road runs out. Eventually, their fates will catch up to them.

Will London be reunited with Rye in this book?

London and Rye are reunited, but not in the way she’d originally have hoped or expected.

What does it mean to be Otherborn?

Otherborn have souls from different worlds. They’ve more or less reincarnated here, using the Astral planes as a channel, in order to reestablish dreaming in this world.

Dreams played a big part in your first book. Will they continue to be important in Astral Tide?

Absolutely. The Otherborn can accomplish nothing apart from the power the Astral gives them. So, yes, for them dreaming remains very important, and it gains even more notoriety within the walled cities as well.

In Otherborn you explore the issue of teens using razors to cut themselves. Why did you choose to include cutting as a part of London ’s character? Will you touch on that topic in Astral Tide?

Initially, the cutting was only intended to illustrate how hopeless their existence within the walls truly was. And by contrast, how devastating London found the experience of keeping her secret—dreaming. In this book, London has moved past those initial fears, and the Astral has given her hope. Cutting is little more than a memory to her now, and referred to only in reference to her scars.

What other books are you working on?

There is likely to be only one more book in the Otherborn series. I have loose plot framed for it, but no working title as of yet.

I have a brand new YA series that I hope to release in the spring or summer called THE ORDERS. It is a fantasy/dystopian blend that has already been the recipient of a lot of high praise from editors. However, much like OTHERBORN, it’s centered around some dark, mature themes, and that makes it a controversial choice for many publishing houses.

I also have a YA sci-fi/urban fantasy/paranormal romance that is being read by some top agents right now. Hopefully, it will get picked up for publishing through the traditional route.

Tell me about your virtual release party?

The virtual release party is scheduled for Friday February 28 from 2:00 pm-6:00 pm. It’s on facebook and it’s very easy to attend. You simply log into your fb profile during the day of the party and stop by the event page. I'll be online at the page for those four hours posting fun things like trivia questions, etc. Leave a comment, reply to a post, ask a question, share a photo or meme—whatever you feel like doing, to participate. Then hop on over to my giveaway link and claim your 10 entries. It's that easy!

Here’s the link to the event page:

Where can we buy Astral Tide?

You can currently buy it on Amazon in paperback or ebook. But tomorrow it should also be available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, & Googlebooks!

Here’s an Amazon link!

Where can we get a look at the Astral Tide book trailer?

Right here!

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