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Book of the week: The Banker's Greed by P.M. Terrell and T. Randy Stevens

via the authors website

“Jessica Palmer was an only child, born to a privileged family that the locals referred to as ‘old money’.” But did old money lead to aged secrets and ancient greed? In P.M Terrell’s latest, co-written with T. Randy Stevens, she brings readers the story of kidnapped Vanderbilt student Jessica Palmer. A law school graduate who has it all – love, a bright future and affluence. But when she’s taken in the night by a masked villain, the bonds of security and sanctity come crashing down. In The Banker’s Greed, up becomes down and day becomes night as mystery and suspense blend with perfect symmetry.

[The Banker’s Greed Description:]

Jessica Palmer, the only child of a powerful and influential banker, is kidnapped. She knows her survival could depend on her ability to remember every detail. When she manages to escape, she provides information to the FBI - but all clues lead back to one man: her father. Now she is faced with becoming the prosecution's star witness. But could she be helping to send an innocent man to prison? And if he didn't orchestrate her kidnapping, who did? And why?

The Banker’s Greed takes readers through the streets of Nashville, bringing the Tennessee landscape and landmarks to life. Terrell captivates readers from the turn of the first page with fascinating plot twists, surmounting suspense and genuine characters. Her unquestionable talent shines through as the story escalates from intensely engaging to an unstoppable ride.

P.M. Terrell is the pen name for Patricia McClelland Terrell. She is the award-winning, internationally acclaimed author of twelve books, including five suspense/thrillers. Visit her website at for more information and for details on her historical work.