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Book claims American women crazy, ugly, and drug addicted

Book claims American women crazy, ugly, and drug addicted

A book written by Michael H. Brown claims that American women are emotionally unstable, masculine, ugly, and medicated liars. This is just the beginning.

“American Women are Crazy (if you want a wife, get her from another country)” is advertised on . The author claims “[Women] try to act like men. They walk like horses. Many of them look like pigs.” The author suggests a man who wants a “real woman” has only three choices:

To settle for a mentally unstable woman who will only be a burden.

“Obtain one from overseas, where women are still raised and taught to act like women.”

Find a woman in the U.S. who has not had an abortion, is not on medication (including hormones), does not try to be a man, and shows respect to men. According to Brown, this is impossible.

Brown claims if a woman has had an abortion, taken birth control, or/and taken antidepressants they are “clinically insane.” He offers advice on how to spot lies spouted by American women that reveals them as what they are: money-hungry, obese, unhealthy, and unfaithful.

By purchasing his book, Brown assures the reader he will assist them in recognizing and identifying the various types of “craziness.” The problem isn't men, the author assures us, it's American women, who are (evidently) almost all mentally imbalanced. “They do everything they can,” reads a short video, “to lure men into bed.”

It’s not just books demoralizing the female gender penned by Mike Brown. He also has authored “How to build a junkyard still” and “The Fish Carburetor Book.” He has 40 year’s experience training athletes, according to his website, and has written articles on natural energy.

Despite his claim that American women are crazy, the cover for Brown’s book was drawn by a woman doing a life sentence in the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Leah Ward. Ward was convicted of shooting her husband (identified by Brown as “an Iranian”) then decapitating him and attempting to saw off his leg and arm. She claimed self defense despite the evidence. “Hopefully, someday someone … will take up her cause and help her get her life back” writes Brown.

The book is advertised on, a website created by Dianne Miller, a woman who promotes healthy living and nutrition.

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