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Boogie with Albuquerque's The Foxx before it's too late

The Foxx: Tim, Zac, Jill and Juliet

Local glam-rock favorites The Foxx have had one busy week. If you caught them at Launchpad, Atomic or Burt’s then you were treated to a dance-y good time. If not, listen up: Rumor has it that the next few shows you see on their calendar could be the Foxx’s last, with bassist Zac heading to the Windy City this November. Let’s take a moment to reflect on why Albuquerque loves The Foxx.

Style- These guys and gals don’t stop with tight pants. The Foxx pull off flamboyantly retro outfits like naturals, and dig that “Purple Pain” amplifier.

Energy- They swing, they dance, it’s infectious. No outrageously staged “rock” moves (I’m looking at you, Dirty Novels), just folks genuinely getting into the tunes.

The Music- Solid glam stompers sound like Bowie’s lost and found circa ‘72, the only thing missing is the crackle of vinyl. Derivative, sure, but bite your cynical tongue and just go with it.

So with The Foxx’s end possibly drawing near (who knows what the remaining memebers will do), take an evening out of your busy schedule to see them again sometime soon. And if for some reason you haven’t seen them yet, shame on you!