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Priced below spot price at the time of this article
Priced below spot price at the time of this article

Here’s how to get a good buy, on top of a good buy. From now until the end of August, you can get 10% off of all your purchases on
That’s right, for the entire month of August has been giving 10% cash rebates on ALL PURCHASES up to $500 bucks and that includes shipping costs! Not too shabby, especially if you’re a savvy shopper and found an already great deal on an auction or fixed price item.

Here’s the deal; within seven days of paying for any boocoo purchase you’ll get an email from the help desk at which will explain how to get your purchase rebate via PayPal or check.
The process is hassle free. There’s no special form to fill out, and the offer applies to anything you find on the site. The best part is, sellers don’t have to do anything, is absorbing the cost!
Here are a few suggestions to some great buys, including ones with great re-sale potential.

Silver Dollars and coins:
Right now the silver market is on a roller coaster ride with lots of profit potential for savvy shoppers. What’s had today for a good price can be flipped immediately at a profit. (The key phrase here of course, is “good price”, but with an extra 10% off, your job just got easier)

Location, location, location. Because has a unique partnership with print newspapers, an area search of local items is encouraged and a huge savings can occur for the right buyer. Simply said, many items are just too hard or impossible to ship, but if you’ve found something via a “neighborhood search”, you can save some pretty good dough.
Seasonal Shopping; Whether you’re looking for back to school items, or seasonal sports gear, has something to offer. For extra savings shop for off-season items!

For more information go to

(Disclosure; The author is a paid consultant for Ranger Data, parent co. of


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