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“Boobs,” talking with David Bellamy of the Bellamy Brothers

Nashville, TN

Howard & David Bellamy
Photo by Rick Diamond
The Bellamy Brothers and Boobs
Photo by Rick Diamond

Normally the first word you wouldn't see in the headline of an article/interview with a celebrity is the word boobs but in this case it fits and boy does it fit like a C Cup over a Double D breast. If you are a man and you like, "Boobs," you will love this music video and song. I predict this music video will have a million views in a couple of weeks and hey, it's not all about the, "Boobs," it's a great song too.

The Bellamy Brothers have released a song and music video and the name of the song is, “Boobs.”

Do you want to take a guess as to what the music video is about? It's actually a love song but I would bet that most men will never really pay attention to the lyrics when they are viewing the music video.

I sat down to talk to David about, “Boobs” the other day and this is what he had to say.

Q So, how are you doing?

A We are doing great. We are getting along real good.

Q I absolutely love, “Boobs.”


A That’s good news.

Q You guys obviously had a good time doing that one?

A Well we would be lying if we said anything different because we had such a good time making the video. We had really great people, all the girls and crew and everybody that helped us out. They were so great and everybody had such a good time and we just had a fun day. Everything went wonderful.

David had to head out to the studio so it was a short interview but always a pleasure to talk to David. When David made the statement that the video recording, went wonderful," you could surely tell they were tall having a great time shooting it.

David and Howard Bellamy more commonly known as the Bellamy Brothers have hits like, "Let Your Love Flow," and "Redneck Girl," and "If I Said you have a Beautiful body (would you hold it against me)," to their credits. They have released, “Boobs,” just in time for the summer fun and summer time songs to kick off. I am sure that, “Boobs” will be playing on radio stations all over the world this summer. It is just a fun song and well, you really have to feel sorry for David and Howard as they had to spend that whole day looking at nothing but, “Boobs,” during the shooting of the music video. Be sure to click the arrow of the music video to your left of this article to get a look at, “Boobs.” For more on the Bellamy Brothers, go to:

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