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Boo-tiful Gardening in the spirit of Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and if you like to decorate and garden, here is a idea for vexing good fun in the fall bed. Design a dark and sinister Halloween garden. When we think of plants and flowers green, yellow, white and other bright colors usually come to mind. Even so, black can make a terrific haunted holiday project that draws the eye and stimulates wonder.

Believe it or not, a plethora of dark diversity exists for manipulation. Here are several suggestions: Diablo ninebark, Voodoo lily, Smokebush, Black pearl(ornamental pepper), Queen of the night tulip, Black elephant ears, Hellebores, and the Black lace elder flower. Adding some Purple majesty millet will attract fall birds for extra delight and do not forget to don some ghostly and ghoulish decor, just as you would gnomes and stepping stones in a regular bed.

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