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Bonnie: Friday's Fashionista

Bonnie with one of the amazing (sick!) art pieces created by iHuman Youth
Bonnie with one of the amazing (sick!) art pieces created by iHuman Youth
Photo courtesy of Bonnie & iHuman Youth

Bonnie's approach to fashion is inspired by the youth she interacts with on a daily basis at iHuman Youth. 

The non-profit organization, among a great number of things, provides a culture where at-risk youth can express themselves creatively through a variety of artistic endeavours. There's access to art rooms and classes, an in-house recording studio and, each year, iHuman Youth hosts a fashion fundraiser where many of its youth showcase their own designs.

"I think fashion definitely breaks barriers and bridges a gap between all classes of people," says Bonnie. "It's a creative outlet, especially demonstrated by the youth I iwork with - the way they express themselves."

Bonnie grew up in the `80s where she was fascinated by such fashion icons as Princess Di and Madonna. She's humoured by the tenacious comeback of this decade from coloured tights, slim fitting dresses with zipper detailing, chunky boots with funky hardware and thick blue eyeliner.

As for her own 'urban preppy chic' style, Bonnie explains that it has developed throughout her own personal journey, the media and watching what others wear. 

"I'm also heavily influenced by my culture," she notes. Bonnie enjoys incorporating East Indian pieces into her everyday items. 

"It's a matter of refining and redefining my cultural heritage."

She's also fascinated by the concept of turning recycled products into functional, trendy fashion. 

"I like the idea that fashion today can be environmentally and socially responsible... that's important," says Bonnie.

So where does Bonnie do all her shopping? She frequents thrift stores quite regularly, and supports the independents.

"Even if it's just the jewellery I can afford... I would rather buy from a locally owned retailer."


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