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Bonnie and the Bang Bang get heavy on 'It's a Think Piece'

It's a Think Piece by Bonnie and the Bang Bang
It's a Think Piece by Bonnie and the Bang Bang

The metamorphosis of Bonnie and the Bang Bang continues with their latest single “It’s a Think Piece,” which was released yesterday (July 14th). The track boasts a deceptive heaviness for the Oakland-based 5-some, which places the act firmly in the post-punk genre designation.

“It’s a Think Piece” cascades layers of lightly distorted electric guitars over a distinctive rhythm section until revealing itself as a gritty power chart two minutes in. The track turns funk-metal with a touch of emo before it’s all over, exposing the track’s dark underbelly.

Lead singer, Patrick James Stiles, comments on the song’s title and deeper inspiration:

“The title is actually a reference to the movie Almost Famous. Philip Seymour Hoffman's character tells William to lie to Rolling Stone about his unfinished article. He tells him to say 'It's a think piece about a mid-level band struggling with their own limitations.' Story of our lives.”

The track was produced by heavy-hitter, Ryan Williams, at Echo Park in L.A.. His studio portfolio includes the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Slayer, Coheed & Cambria and many more.

BBB has no pending concert dates, but Stiles stated that the act is planning on releasing another single in August.

“It’s a Think Piece” is available to stream on Bonnie and the Bang Bang’s bandcamp page. Keep up with Bonnie and the Bang Bang on their official website or on Facebook.

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