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‘Bonnie and Clyde Special Part 2’ Recap

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Summary: Bonnie pushes Clyde to commit riskier crimes in order to generate bigger headlines and gain them more fame.

As what was expected, the second part of the 2 part miniseries was filled with action and drama as the most famous couple comes to their downfall.

In this part, Buck and Blanche join up with Bonnie and Clyde and helps them go on their bank raid. It gets gradually more violent the more infamous they get. To no surprise, after a while it becomes to much for Buck and Blanche. Clyde is in too deep to pull back and Bonnie is too obsesses with fame that she doesn’t care what happens.

As a whole, it was an interesting enough story. It is based on the real events of the real Bonnie and Clyde and you could tell that they tried to be as authentic as they possibly could. I liked the look of the cars and the clothes and the look and feel certainly did feel like the time period.

Here’s a recap of the 2nd part:

Bonnie/Clyde are resting at the side of the road, arguing over whether or not to do it by themselves or with help. They decide that they are going to need bigger guns if they are going to succeed at bigger jobs.

Bonnie/Clyde break into a building with guns and steal some.

Clyde sneaks back into jail to go to find Ray. While they are cutting trees, the man who raped Clyde notices he is there. Clyde shoots him in the privates before shooting one of the guards. Ray/Clyde get to Bonnie who is waiting by the car. They get in and are able to get away.

Frank is starting an investigation against Bonnie/Clyde. On the way out, PJ is waiting for him to talk to him.

Bonnie/Clyde/Ray get to work on robbing banks using the bigger guns.

Ray notices Bonnie and tries to flirt with her but she rejects him. Clyde shows up and brings her food and a new camera.

Clyde is in the bath and sees that Frank is the leading detective looking for them. Clyde has a vision of him and Bonnie dying. Bonnie comes in and he tells her that he wants to stop and Bonnie doesn’t like it. After a while when Bonnie doesn’t come to bed, he catches her and Ray talking. She says that she will go off on her own if he won’t go with her. Clyde says he will go with her.

Bonnie/Clyde are taking pictures and Ray starts flirting with Bonnie in front of Clyde so he punches Ray.

PJ receives an envelope full of photos for Bonnie/Clyde.

The police are briefing Frank on Bonnie/Clyde’s past heists.

Frank is questioning Ray. Ray tells them all he knows about Clyde and Bonnie’s habits for when they are pulling off a heist. Frank tells Lexington to make sure to get their pictures out to the banks. He tells Lexington partner to go and talk to Buck.

Clyde/Bonnie go and see Buck. Blanche sees them talking. Buck comes and him and Blanche argue about him going with Clyde, but Blanche doesn’t want to go. As they are about to drive away, Blanche decides to go. They start driving down the road, Lexington shows up and they escape.

The four of them are at the movies watching the news about Bonnie/Clyde becoming infamous. Bonnie starts enjoying the lights and the fame as they continue to keep robbing banks.

Clyde has another vision of them crashing and Blanche burning to death.

As PJ is going to leave work, Frank is waiting for her. He blames her for spreading word that Bonnie/Clyde for being dangerous because it prevents people from speaking up. He gives her a warrant asking for her sources.

1932 Oklahoma.
The four of them and crash a party. Bonnie/Buck go dancing while Clyde goes to see which car they can steal. A police man shows up and Blanche gets nervous. A man tries to cut in with Buck and Bonnie but Buck declines. The man stares them down and Buck punches him. The office comes over and Buck shoots him. They get in the car and drive away.

While Clyde is fixing the car, Buck/Clyde start arguing and end up fighting before Bonnie calms them down.

The ME is telling Frank about the cop who Clyde shot in the head. Frank tells Lexington that he’s going to take the shot on Clyde if he gets it.

Clyde/Lexington regroup and try and figure out where they will strike next.

The group is relaxing by the pool.

Frank is looking over the photos from the paper and thinks that they are heading to Florida.

A policeman comes to the hotel the group was staying at and learns that they are still there. Frank arrives and sets up a perimeter around the hotel. Frank is looking through the hotel and see Bonnie writing on her typewriter.

As the group is heading back, Clyde sees the police car there and doesn’t go to the hotel.

Later that night, a cop comes in and tells them that they abandoned the car and took another one. Frank gets frustrated and shoots the pillow.

Lexington asks Frank why Frank came out of retirement when they are having a nightcap. Frank says he’s doing it to kill Clyde.

The group continues their bank raids and how they are getting more violent.

On Christmas, they rob a car and Bonnie shoots a man as he tries to stop them. Buck/Blanche get upset with her killing him in cold blood but Bonnie ‘claims’ there was a gun.

PJ is looking at the scene when Frank makes a comment at her to stop fluffing up Bonnie/Clyde.

At the station, PJ is having a hard time writing the article when her editor encourages her to write the article.

Bonnie tries calling her mom, but she doesn’t answer. While she’s away, Clyde asks Buck/Blanche not to say anything about their not being a gun on the man Bonnie killed.

They are resting in the hotel. Blanche tells Buck that she doesn’t trust Bonnie.

As they are resting, Clyde hears the police pull up. The group gets up and gets ready to leave. They know they have no way out, so Clyde and Buck start shooting at the cops. On the way to the car, Blanche gets glass shot into her eye. Buck gets shot in the neck as they get into the car.

Clyde goes to a convinece store and buys a bunch of supplies.

Frank is mad at the police officer for shooting up the place when they were supposed to wait until morning. One of the officers tells Lexington that Bonnie was the one shooting at them. Lexington/Frank get info about Clyde being seen at the store.

Blanche is trying to keep Buck warm when Clyde shows up with the supplies. He tells Bonnie to help Buck because Blanche can’t see. When Bonnie is not paying attention, Clyde puts her box of mementoes in the fire and burns them with the lighter fluid.

It’s the next morning. Clyde wakes them up and tells them that the police are coming. They can’t get very far before they are blocked. Frank arrives at the scene and is looking to kill Clyde. Buck takes a shot for Clyde and Blanche comforts him. Buck tells Bonnie/Clyde to leave. So they do.

Bonnie/Clyde get to the other side of the woods where they steal someone’s car. They argue about Buck’s death. Bonnie says that at least people will know who he is. Clyde says that fame is all that Bonnie cares about. Clyde crashes the car and he pulls Bonnie out of the burning car.

Clyde’s parents come in to visit Buck and Blanche.

Frank/Lexington look over the burnt car.

Clyde is tending to Bonnie’s burn wound. They go down to have breakfast with an old friend, Jonathan. That night, Clyde hears Jonathan’s father talking to the police about them being there.

Bonnie wakes to her and Clyde driving. He tells them that they are heading back to Texas to visit their families.

Clyde goes to see his mother. She says that she blames him for Buck’s death.

Texas 1934.
Bonnie/Clyde are parked on the side of the road when two cops show up. Once the two cops realize who they are, Clyde shoots them both. The first cop tries to crawl away but Bonnie goes and shoots him in the head.

Clyde goes to see the funeral of the cops.

Bonnie/Clyde are watching their news in the theater.

Clyde starts regretting the life he is living.

Clyde calls Jonathan. Jonathan’s father then calls Frank.

Bonnie/Clyde are driving to go pick up Jonathan.

May 23, 1934. Louisiana.
As they are driving down the road, the police are getting ready to shoot at them. When they come to a stop, Bonnie figures out what Clyde is doing. They shoot up the car, killing Bonnie and Clyde. Frank goes to make sure that they are dead.

Press conference.
PJ asks if it was fair that they executed Bonnie and Clyde. Frank tells them that they got what they wanted.

We see footage of the scene after the shooting of Bonnie and Clyde and see how 90,000 people came to see their bodies.


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