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‘Bonnie and Clyde’ Part 1 of 2 Recap

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Summary: Clyde Barrow (Emile Hirsch) and Bonnie Parker (Holliday Grainger) meet and begin their life together.

List of the cast:

The first part of the show, we see as Clyde and Bonnie meet and start to become the more infamous bank robbers that ever lived. Anytime a couple goes on any kind of crime spree it gets referred to: Bonnie and Clyde. That’s how famous it is.

This story has been told many times over the years and it’s one of those beloved stories for people who like a good romance story or a story of excitement. We’ve all heard it but of course it changes a little with each telling.

With this, we get a more in depth look at the two main characters. We see that Bonnie definitely had something wrong with her and she was more or less the master mind of the whole thing.

This part was a bit slower, but no doubt that the next episode tomorrow will have a lot more action as their rise comes down.

Here’s a recap of the show.

It is May 23rd 1934 in Gibsburg, VA. Kids rush up to the car and see Clyde bleeding in his car.

Clyde voiceover talking about him. He says his almost death at 9 gave him an ‘extra eye sight’. He talks about his first heist of stealing a chicken with his older brother, Buck.

Clyde is now an adult. He wakes up to go to work on his farm. Clyde and his brother crash a wedding and that’s when he sees Bonnie, the bride.

Bonnie is in bed with her husband and she learns that he’s not going to take her to New York or LA like he had promised.

Clyde and Buck are talking about bettering their lives.

It’s 1939 in Dallas, TX. Clyde/Buck just robbed someone. They are getting chased by police. Buck hides the money in the water before he gets caught.

Nell, Clyde’s sister, tells him about Buck’s message. He tells her about how Bonnie’s going to give up on her husband if he’s not back soon.

Clyde goes hunting for the safe of money.

Clyde tries to buy some nice shirts, but gets rejected because he’s dirty. That night, he breaks in and steals the shirts, pants, and a new hat.

Bonnie gets a letter in the mail and starts freaking out. Her mom, Emma, comes in and sees that she got rejected as an actress. Her mom tries to comfort her and they remember her singing at her father’s funeral.

Clyde comes over to Bonnie’s house to ask her out. Clyde takes her out dancing. They kiss. Suddenly, the cops show up and perform a raid. Clyde tries to get away but he gets caught. They recognize him as one of the guys who stole the safe.

Bonnie is at work talking with a man, telling her to be careful that her mom doesn’t find out and shows her the article in the paper.

Bonnie gets home and tries to cover up the photo, but Emma comes in and says she already knows. She tells him to stay away from Clyde.

Bonnie starts to fall for Clyde as she remembers that he promised to make all her dreams come true.

Clyde starts having dreams about Bonnie killing people.

June 1930.
Bonnie goes to visit Clyde in jail. She tells him to take the gun, but it’s empty. She gives him a rendezvous place after he breaks out.

Bonnie waiting for him s Clyde and his inmate come running, chased by police. They catch his inmate, but Clyde/Bonnie get away. They get to her rendezvous place and sleep together.

Clyde meets with someone some one who makes horseshoes and he runs into a retired policeman.

Clyde is getting ready to go on a heist with some other guy, named Henry, and Bonnie is not happy about it. Bonnie gets Clyde to let her go too.

They are driving to go and get their guns and he tricks Bonnie into getting out the car before going to do the heist with Henry.

It’s the next day and Bonnie is still at the haystacks. She tries to hitchhike her way home. A cop car pulls over and she sees Clyde/Henry in the backseat.

Henry/Clyde are getting on the wagon to go to jail, as Bonnie watches on. She turns around and Emma is waiting for her. She tells her again to stay away from Clyde.

Clyde/Henry are in jail digging trenches.

A man, named Ted, starts flirting with Bonnie while she is at work. He takes her home after work. He tries to kiss her, but she says no.

Clyde is reading a letter from Bonnie. Clyde gets raped. Clyde gets beaten by the guards.

One of the inmates attack’s Clyde.

Clyde goes to see the warden. He says that Bonnie’s been writing letters on his behalf and that he is on his way out. The Warden shows him one of his toes he’s keeping as a souvenir.

Clyde’s mother and Bonnie come and take Clyde out of jail. His mother says she’s not sure of Bonnie.

When Clyde/Bonnie are alone and about to reconnect. Clyde says that he sees her as his future, including marriage and kids.

Bonnie/Clyde are walking, looking at houses. They go to see a movie and Clyde talks about how Bonnie let him figure out what was best for himself.

Bonnie/Clyde are trying to rob a bank and there is nothing in the vault or bank. They don’t get much because of the depression.

A journalist, PJ, sees her article about the robbery on the last page.

Bonnie goes to see PJ. She tells her that she wants PJ to mention her. She says it was the editor and not her. Bonnie pulls a gun on PJ. She introduces herself and makes it known she wants her name in the paper next time.

PJ goes to see her editor, upset about the article. She quits.

Bonnie/Clyde continue to rob the banks. They run out of gas after one take and have to go running. She tells Clyde to take the money and run and she will give herself up.

Bonnie is in court. She tells them that she fell under Clyde’s spell and couldn’t stop herself. She gets off.

Bonnie walks away with Emma. Bonnie tells Emma that she is going back to Clyde. She says that she lied about Clyde taking her.

PJ comes in and says that she has a big scoop against Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie/Clyde continue to rob banks as Emma starts to get shun by the neighbors and Buck is proud of Clyde.

Nell gets a message from Clyde to meet her at the barn.

Buck shows up with Blanche to see Clyde. Buck tells Clyde that he can’t have sex with Blanche until she’s married, and they can’t get married until after he finishes his time.

Clyde talks with his dad about his mom not liking Bonnie. Clyde goes to talk to his mother about Bonnie. Clyde goes back to Bonnie as they celebrate their love.

They are trying to rob a man. But Clyde says he has a bad feeling but they do it anyways. They go to leave and as they leave, the third man, accidentally shoots the man they robbed.

PJ is at the scene of the crime, getting a statement. The police blame Clyde, but PJ doesn’t think he killed the man.

Bonnie is struggling with the death and Clyde leaves her to run an errand. Bonnie cuts out the article and we see that she’s been making a scrap book.

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