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Bonnaroo 2014 rumors: What classic rock acts could play Bonnaroo 2014?

With the recent news of Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks leaving the band, 2014 may be the last chance Bonnaroo gets to book The Allman Brothers Band before they retire.
With the recent news of Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks leaving the band, 2014 may be the last chance Bonnaroo gets to book The Allman Brothers Band before they retire.
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It's a tough time of the year to be a Bonnaroo fan. You're almost halfway between your last visit to The Farm and your next one. You're a little over a months from the expected mid-February lineup drop, but it seems maddeningly far away. Even the Bonnaroo Clues, which began recently, only give you brief glimpses of possible lineup acts. While nothing will be known for sure until the lineup comes out, it is possible to extrapolate some possibilities by looking at bands who are currently touring and past Bonnaroo lineup trends. We've already looked at possible headliners, country acts, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acts who can play Bonnaroo, all of which can be found here. Today, we'll look at the classic rock acts that could show up on the Bonnaroo 2014 lineup.

Bonnaroo has always kept a few classic rock acts on every lineup. They're a good nostalgia trip for many older fans and let a lot of the newer fans see some acts that influenced the favorites they came to see. Recent classic rockers at Bonnaroo have included ZZ Top, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, and The Beach Boys. Here are some of the classic rockers we see as most possible for 2014.


For a disco era act who hasn't had a hit since the '70s, Chic is as hot as a band gets right now. They've been nominated the past two years for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and their popularity exploded when band leader Nile Rodgers collaborated with Daft Punk on 2013's Song of the Summer, "Get Lucky." Rodgers and Chic have been hitting up the festival scene recently and many fans expect to see them pop up at Bonnaroo 2014, either with a Chic set, or with Rodgers as part of the Superjam in some way.


Debbie Harry and crew spent much of 2013 hitting up North America with a huge tour. With a stable full of hits like "Rapture", "Call Me", and "Heart of Glass", Blondie would provide the kind of instant recognizability that would draw older fans and younger ones alike. We caught Blondie this Fall at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium and Debbie Harry is still in fine vocal form. Blondie's touring schedule currently only has two July dates in France, but that could mean the band is leaving the early part of Summer open to hit the festival circuit.

Huey Lewis & the News

Another band that has been a major career resurgence in recent years is Huey Lewis & the News. The band known for '80s hits like "Hip to Be Square" and "Power of Love" has been a mainstay on the festival and state fair circuit for the last few years and many fans have been clamoring for a Bonnaroo set. Their upbeat brand of goofy '80s pop rock would make them a perfect candidate for a Late Night tent set.

The Allman Brothers Band

If Bonnaroo is ever going to get The Allman Brothers Band to make up for the date they had to cancel way back in 2008, they'd better do it now. With Gregg Allman's health an ongoing concern and this week's announcement that both Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks will leave the band at the end of 2014, it's probably the end of the road for the group. Right now, The Allman Brothers have no tour dates scheduled except their March run at the Beacon and two shows at their own Peach Music Festival in August, but considering both Haynes and Trucks' history with Bonnaroo, it would be a shock if someone isn't at least making a strong run at getting Bonnaroo booked as part of their farewell.

Want to join in with your own ideas for Bonnaroo headliners? There are several ways to do it. First, you can share your ideas here in the comments section. Second, Bonnaroo themselves has gotten in on the rumor game this year by inviting fans to post on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Tumblr pages with the hashtag #roo14wishlist to let everyone know who you'd like to see. Third, if you can't get enough talk about Bonnaroo, you can head over to the Inforoo fan message board where some of Bonnaroo's most hardcore fans debate the merits and possibilities for all of the Bonnaroo 2014 lineup.

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