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Bonnaroo 2014 lineup clue #9 released

Could Janelle Monae be part of the Bonnaroo 2014 lineup?  Many fans think todays #Rooclue points to her.
Could Janelle Monae be part of the Bonnaroo 2014 lineup? Many fans think todays #Rooclue points to her.
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

On Feb. 4, the organizers of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival released the 9th in their series of twice weekly lineup clues on their Instagram page. The lineup clues, released every Tuesday and Thursday in the weeks leading up to the Feb. 19 lineup drop, give fans a chance to solve puzzles to reveal artists who will be playing Bonnaroo 2014. You can find our reports on the previous 8 clues here.

Today's clue is a picture of the skyline of Philadelphia, with a picture of a person photoshopped onto the top of one of the buildings. The Radio Bonnaroo portion of the clue is "Look closely." You can see the image here.

Considering the skyline, the clue obviously refers to Philadelphia in some way, but whether a band who hails from there, a song that references the city, or one or both that reference some landmark or historical moment in Philadelphia. The wildcard is the person on the building. The picture is too small to get a definitive look at who it is, but most think it is a statue of a woman.

While there have been many guesses about who the clue might reference, there have been several artists who have been most often mentioned.

Capital Cities

One of the most common guesses is Indie Pop group Capital Cities. While an easy guess based on the picture of a city skyline, there are enough problems with this guess to make it unlikely. First, Philadelphia is not the capital of Pennsylvania so referencing Philly as a "capital city" is wrong. Second, the band is from Los Angeles, so having a connection to Philadelphia is also out. In order to get Philadelphia as a "capital city" you'd have to go back to the beginnings of the nation, when Philadelphia served as the capital before Washington D.C. But without any connection to Colonial or Revolutionary times elsewhere in the picture, this is a stretch.

Janelle Monae

Many feel the clue references R&B singer Janelle Monae. Monae attended a performing arts school in Philadelphia called Freedom Theater, which gives her the Philly connection. But the bigger connection is the statue. Many feel it is the female robot from the classic silent movie "Metropolis", which happens to be the title of Monae's debut EP. Monae has been heavily rumored to be playing Bonnaroo 2014, so this seems like a very reasonable guess.

Elton John

Since he's heavily rumored as one of Bonnaroo's headliners, Elton comes up as a guess for every clue, but this one has at least some merit to it. John has a hit song called "Philadelphia Freedom", which was dedicated to tennis star Billie Jean King, as well as paying tribute to the Philadelphia Sound. The statue is a little harder to fit into this guess, although it could reference several of John's other hit songs.

Other popular choices include Kurt Vile, Hall & Oates, Joan Jett, and The Roots.

Want to play along? Post your guesses here in the comments section, tag your guesses on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Rooclue, or join in the discussion at the Inforoo message board by clicking on this forum.

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