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Bonnaroo 2014 lineup clue #7 released

Many believe that Bonnaroo's seventh RooClue of 2014 points to an appearance by Elton John.
Many believe that Bonnaroo's seventh RooClue of 2014 points to an appearance by Elton John.
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

It's Tuesday, Jan. 28, and that means the organizers behind the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival have released the latest in their Bonnaroo Clue game. Every Tuesday and Thursday between now and Bonnaroo's Feb. 19 lineup release date, Bonnaroo will release a picture on their Instagram page that will give a hint about an artist who will be appearing at Bonnaroo 2014. You can see our reports on the previous 6 clues here.

The seventh clue continues Bonnaroo's recent tradition of difficult clues. After a first few that many fans considered softballs, the organizers have really stepped up their game with the last few. The most recent clue is a picture of a book with the title The Shining and author name Steven King (sic). There is also a pair of oversized glasses resting on the book. You can see the clue here. The audio clue, available to listeners of Radio Bonnaroo, is "There are three parts to this clue."

Most fans on social media as well as the clue sleuths at the Inforoo message board believe the three parts of the clue are The Shining, the misspelling of Stephen King, and the oversize glasses. It's a testament to how hard the clue is that there are a dozen or so guesses that have caught at least some traction, although a few have risen above to gain the most consensus among fans. Here they are:


Many fans feel like the clue could be pointing to indie rocker Phosphorescent. The misspelling of Stephen King's name leaves out the "ph", which could lead to the first part of Phosophorescent's name. Additionally, something that is phosphorescent could be said to be "shining."

Third Eye Blind

Alt rockers Third Eye Blind make a lot of sense in the context of the clue. Stephan Jenkins is a member of the band. With the emphasis on the alternate spelling of Stephen, it could be pointing out another alternate spelling, Stephan. The power called "the shine" in King's book provides vision beyond ordinary sight, which is also sometimes referred to as a "third eye". The glasses could imply blindness, bringing in the last part of the clue.

Elton John

Already believed by many to be one of Bonnaroo's headliners, Elton John is being guessed by many people for this clue. The oversized glasses and the "shining" personality are certainly there. The kicker here is how to work in the misspelling of "Steven." Some point to frequent collaborations with Stevie Wonder but that seems like a stretch. Still, it's one of the most popular guesses due to the glasses and the strong rumors that he's headlining one night.

Want to play along? Post your guesses here in the comments section, tag your guesses on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Rooclue, or join in the discussion at the Inforoo message board by clicking on this forum.

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