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Bonnaroo 2014 lineup clue #2 unveiled

Could Australian act Art vs. Science be the answer to Bonnaroo's test tube inspired second lineup clue.
Could Australian act Art vs. Science be the answer to Bonnaroo's test tube inspired second lineup clue.
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

It's that time of the year again, RooClue season, where Bonnaroo gives fans hints about some of the artists in the weeks leading up to the expected mid-February lineup announcement. On Jan. 9, Bonnaroo released the second of its series of 2014 Lineup Clues on Instagram.

Keeping with the pictoral theme from the first Lineup Clue, the second clue was a picture of 4 containers of some sort with measurements that seemed to indicate they were laboratory equipment. The second container was chipped and the fourth was broken in half. While there have been several guesses on Bonnaroo's Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as from the hardcore clue sleuths at Inforoo, a few bands have come up as the most popular choices.

Break Science

By far the most popular choice is electronic music group Break Science. As part of Pretty Lights' record label, the duo of Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee have become one of the fastest rising electronic acts in the world. They fit the clue perfectly. The tubes are obviously some sort of scientific instruments and they're broken, hence Break Science.

Cut Chemist

Cut Chemist fits the bill in much the same way that Break Science does. Broken test tubes could certainly cut a chemist, so the clue works. The only problem is that Cut Chemist is currently busy on tour with a reunited Jurassic 5. He has the Bonnaroo dates free currently so it's possible he hits up a solo set before resuming his Jurassic 5 touring, but the group is in the UK starting on June 19.

Art vs. Science

A very popular, and busy, act at Bonnaroo 2012, fans have been clamoring for Australian dance trio Art vs. Science ever since. This option takes a little bit of interpreting of the picture, but then most Bonnaroo clues aren't nearly as easy as the eye first sees. We've already discussed the "science" aspect of the clue. The art aspect comes from the very clue itself, the drawing being a representation of "art." The broken vials could indicate a battle between the two, bringing in the "vs." portion.

Want to play along? Post your guesses here in the comments section, tag your guesses on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Rooclue, or join in the discussion at the Inforoo message board by clicking on this forum.

Bonnaroo will be releasing a new #RooClue each Tuesday and Thursday until the lineup drop. Click subscribe at the top of the page to stay on top of all of them as they come.

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