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Bonnaroo 2014 lineup clue #1 released

Could the star over Portland in Bonnaroo Lineup Clue #1 point to another star, Carrie Brownstein, either with "Portlandia" or with a reunion of her band Sleater-Kinney?
Photo by Chris Weeks

Today, Jan. 7, marked the release of the first of Bonnaroo's annual lineup clues. The clue game has been going on for several years and gives fans a chance to guess a few acts on the Bonnaroo lineup in the weeks prior to the expected mid-February lineup release. This year, Bonnaroo is using Instagram to post their clues every Tuesday and Thursday and, fittingly as Instagram is primarily a picture sharing site, Bonnaroo 2014 Clue #1 is a picture clue. You can see the clue here.

The picture is an orange background with an old-style rabbit ears television set. Inside the television set is the State of Oregon with a star over Portland. There is no text at all to this first clue. While there have been a number of guesses across Bonnaroo's Facebook and Instagram pages and the hardcore clue sleuths at the Inforoo message board, a few favorites have emerged.


The most obvious answer to the clue is a live show starring the cast of the hit TV series "Portlandia". A picture of Portland, Oregon inside a television practically screams Portlandia. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are both strong live performers and a Portlandia set could be a Comedy Tent, Cinema Tent, or even main tent attraction. Bonnaroo clues are almost never this easy, leading many to think that Portlandia is an obvious misdirection with the true clue being to someone else, but it's possible after many complaints about Bonnaroo's almost unsolvably hard clues last year that they threw a softball to get things rolling for 2014.


The first, and for many fans most exciting, of the Portlandia related misdirects is that the clue could signal a reunion of Carrie Brownstein's band Sleater-Kinney. Brownstein has been teasing a Sleater-Kinney reunion during her press tour for the upcoming season of Portlandia. Active from 1994-2006, the indie rockers have maintained a strong cult following that has only grown as Brownstein's "Portlandia" star has risen. Sleater-Kinney would bring Bonnaroo a huge reunion show and a ton of buzz.

Washed Out

The second possible "Portlandia" misdirect is for Washed Out. Washed Out's "Feel It All Around" is the opening theme song to "Portlandia", making many think that, while the clue does reference "Portlandia", it's actually referencing the opening song and not "Portlandia" itself. Currently Washed Out's tour dates only run through February and only on the West Coast, so an appearance at Bonnaroo would be a rare opportunity to see him.

She & Him

Many who think the whole "Portlandia" thing is a complete misdirect have rallied behind the She & Him camp. The clue fits them very well as the "Him" portion, M. Ward, is from Portland and the "She" portion, Zooey Deschanel, is currently seen as an actress on the Fox series New Girl. While She & Him don't currently have any tour dates on their website, the pair are Bonnaroo veterans and have been well-received by fans there in the past.

Other guesses have included STRFKR, Pearl Jam, Capital Cities, and Orgone.

Want to play along? Post your guesses here in the comments section, tag your guesses on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Rooclue, or join in the discussion at the Inforoo message board by clicking on this forum.

Clues come every Tuesday and Thursday and we'll bring you the latest about all of them. Click Subscribe at the top of the page to get each one delivered right to your inbox.

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