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'Bones' spoilers, season 10 news: Cliffhanger sets stage for everything changing

A big cliffhanger for Booth and Brennan lies ahead in the 'Bones' season 9 finale
Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The season 9 “Bones” finale airs Monday night on Fox, and it looks like it's going to be a stunning episode. What can fans expect in this one? On Sunday Emily Deschanel shared some “Bones” spoilers with TV Guide, and it looks like fans will want to brace themselves. This episode “changes everything,” and not necessarily in a good way it seems.

Episode 9x24 is titled “The Recluse in the Recliner.” Booth is preparing to take a new gig with the FBI, but a blogger contacts him with information that digs up a former case. The blogger soon turns up dead, leading Booth and Brennan to face the fact that the Ghost Killer case may not be over yet after all. Apparently there is a much bigger conspiracy related to the case playing out, and Booth will need to stick around to dig in to things. What he learns puts his life at risk.

Deschanel teases that Booth and Brennan now face a “far more nefarious and conspiratorial” situation than they've ever had before. In addition, they learn some intense things that puts them in a very difficult situation. Ultimately there is a firefight, and Booth is left fighting for his life. Deschanel admits, “I wouldn't categorize this as a happy ending.” She adds that it changes everything and fans will be left with things not looking good.

As if Booth's life hanging in the balance isn't tough enough, “Bones” spoilers indicate that the final few seconds of the season 9 finale are huge. Apparently those final seconds will call everything regarding Booth and Brennan's life together into question. Though “Bones” season 10 is on the way for this fall, with the show moving back to Thursdays, it seems things will be dramatically different.

“Bones” spoilers from TVLine tease that this season 9 finale takes the show to places it's never been before. There won't be a dull moment, and every aspect of Booth and Brennan's lives will be impacted. Just how crazy will it be? Viewers will find out Monday night as episode 9x24, the “Bones” season 9 finale, airs on Fox.

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