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'Bones' season 9 episode 16 photos: Danny Beck returns and works with Booth

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"Bones" season 9 returns to Monday nights with episode 16, "The Source in the Sludge," for which FOX released promotional photos on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

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In this next "Bones" episode, Freddie Prinze, Jr. returns as CIA Agent Danny Beck to team up with Booth (David Boreanaz) after a CIA informant is found murdered to track down an Afghani terrorist. Danny was last seen in the season premiere, and by the end of that episode, Booth had both a job offer and was owed a favor from the CIA. Will either of those facts be brought up in episode 916?

During a conference call earlier this season, Hart Hanson said, "That's a fun dynamic to play out is that he thinks that the CIA is the ultimate organization to belong to, and Booth has belonged to the FBI for a long time. Those agencies actually have a bit of a rivalry, so we'd like to play that out a little bit as the season goes on." During another call, Stephen Nathan teased, "It will be an episode which sort of teams Booth and Danny in a common cause, but also causes Booth to question Danny in a way that hopefully will be very surprising."

Meanwhile, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) wants to work more closely with Booth in the field, which leads to the two confronting the implications of what that means to their family. This is also a topic that Nathan addressed during that call: "At one point we want to examine the fact that both of them working together are in an extremely dangerous situation, and what does that mean for their family? What does that mean for Parker and Christine? How does their work affect their family life now? These are some of the things that we are going to be exploring, because they are real."

The slideshow of "The Source in the Sludge" photos offers a look at Danny's return as he works with Booth and Brennan on their case, as well as a tease of what looks like it could be a sweet moment between Booth and Brennan at her desk.

"Bones" season 9 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX. "The Source in the Sludge" airs March 10. What do you think of these episode 16 photos?

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