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'Bones' season 10: Emily Deschanel previews Brennan trying to help Booth

"Bones" is going into its 10th season, and it's doing so in a big way after the major finale cliffhanger this past spring. The show once again was present at San Diego Comic-Con, and on Tuesday, July 29, we posted our roundtable video interview on YouTube with series star Emily Deschanel.

Emily Deschanel in the 'Bones' press room at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video interview here or above to see what Deschanel had to say about the new season. Also, keep reading for a few highlights from the press room.

"When you really love somebody, they change you, and I think that she's changed mostly by her love for Booth and his love for her," the actress shared about the changes in her character from the beginning of the show.

There is "always" an effort to avoid repetition. "We have a whole different dynamic when we come back this season," Deschanel previewed. "Granted, there are certain things that will always be there on our show. Booth and Brennan have a specific kind of relationship, but they go through different things at different times, and here, we're watching them go through a really hard time. Booth is in prison, she's trying to clear his name, get out, get to the bottom of this conspiracy we've been uncovering and has landed him in jail, and so we're working hard to do that. He's not always happy about the way Brennan is doing things to help him, and she's trying to work to get him out."

Brennan does have the team and Sweets helping her, and because this is "Bones," getting answers is going to involve a body. "We exhume a body that we believe has something to do with the conspiracy," the actress teased, and that will have the team trying to figure out what happened to a man who died several years ago.

It's going to be a "really stressful" time for Brennan (but she does find a new "beautiful" home, something they need after the finale). "She's on her own, with her child, her husband's in prison," Deschanel explained. "It's not just he's in prison; his life is in danger because they're trying to kill him in there. He's an FBI agent, nobody likes an FBI agent in prison, even the guards. It's not safe for him, so she's really concerned."

"Bones" season 10 premieres Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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