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Bones holds a Tweetpeat for fans to tweet with cast and crew during a re-run.

TJ Thyne is a master tweeter
TJ Thyne is a master tweeter

Fox's popular forensic drama Bones offered their fans something extra special during their most recent episode. The episode set to air on Thursday, Jan. 7th was a repeat episode but the cast and crew came together to hold a Tweetpeat. They all gather in a room and posted updates on Twitter during the re-airing of an episode from earlier in the season in which the team investigates a murder of  a young Amish boy who was a prodigy pianist. The Bones team share tidbits about the show that is airing with fans and do their best to answer fan questions.

Hart Hanson, the show's creator and producer was the ring leader of this massive Twitter party. He is an adept tweeter.  Some of the other cast members were in attendance: Emily Deschanel, Tamara Taylor, John Francis Daley and Michaela Conlin just to name a few. TJ Thyne seemed to be the only cast member familiar with Twitter and how the process works.

Personally, I think this is a great idea and more shows should do it during repeats of shows to drum up interest. Fans can get tidbits from the show's production team and it can help create hype for a show's return from the holiday break. Bones returns next week with a sweep of brand new episodes.


  • Mandy 5 years ago

    It was so awesome being online while the cast of Bones was online as well. I agree that more shows should do this to promote their show as well.

  • Somthing 5 years ago

    Michael Conlin? You mean Michaela Conlin

    It was so much fun, and it is so nice to see the cast doing this. SO many people were on there! There are sure alot of fans of bones. I definitely think more shows should do this, it was a blast!

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