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‘Bones’ 9x12 Recap: Palant continues to haunt Brennan

Palant returns to Brennan in a dream as she thinks that he may be responsible for the murder of the new victim who was killed 18 years earlier.
Palant returns to Brennan in a dream as she thinks that he may be responsible for the murder of the new victim who was killed 18 years earlier.

In the last episode, Cam finally got justice from the woman/ex-friend who had stolen her identity. She was obviously very upset and Arastoo tried his hardest to try and get her to ease that anger, but failed. Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth solved a murder that took place on a gymnastics team where the father was a genius with numbers. Brennan was able to connect with him and help him grieve over the loss of his daughter.

To take a look at the last episode, go here:

In tonight’s show, titled “The Ghost in the Killer”, Palant returns to Brennan in a dream as she thinks that he may be responsible for the murder of the new victim who was killed 18 years earlier.

As the case progresses, Hodgins remembers what life was like before Palant stole all his money. The rest of the group don’t know how he does it, but he owes it to Angie and their son. He sees what life could have been like if he went down the road as a former friend, Trent. It’s the whole ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ thing.

Bones is still affected by Palant as he is haunting her dreams. She is gun-ho that the Ghost Killer is out there even if no one else at the Jeffersonian believe her. She is going to do anything she can to prove that the killer exists. It’s going to take some time to make the connections so that they can get the funding to look for the killer. No doubt that this thing will become something that will carry out for the rest of the season.

Here’s a recap of the show.

The show opens with Brennan looking over the old files and sees that the remains are missing for a person. She sees Pelant who is taunting her about the other killer that he talked about on the show he was killed.

Brennan talks to Booth about the Ghost killer. Booth thinks that Palant was playing her. When Booth goes to get the paper, there is a box waiting for them with a skeleton in it and a note. The note says ‘please find out what really happened to me’.

The group is looking over the skeleton. Brennan doesn’t care that the delivery was to her house like the group is. Edison shows up, much to Brennan’s dislike.

Booth is talking with Sweets about the skeleton and Brennan.

Angie tells the group that the victim’s name is Lana Brewster, who raced sail boats. But she died on peaceful waters.

Cam brings Hodgins some material to look at. He said it’s a treated leather. He thinks that someone moved the grave to another location before Brennan/Booth’s house.

Sweets talks with Lana’s brother. He said they didn’t get along because she was famous. He remembers a boyfriend.

Brennan is working hard on the bones. Cam brings the original report of Lana’s death and it says it was drowning. They conclude that she was murdered.

Angie tells Sweets about how the ME, Leslie, was the one that said Lana died by drowning then was paid a $1.9 million sum after the report was out.

Booth goes to see Brennan after work. He tells her that he’s concerned she’s becoming obsessed. She goes with him home.

Cam walks in on Edison taking a shower. She asks him not to sleep over at the Jeffersonian again.

Sweets/Hodgins/Angie are going over the case over breakfast. They remember another sailor who was famous, named Erika. She had won a race but lost the trophy to Lana because she cheated. Lana’s boat went down the same way that Erika’s did in her insurance fraud.

Sweets talks with Erika. She doesn’t offer any information.

Hodgins thinks that someone put a motor and the dingy on the small boat to get to shore after killing Lana.

Booth talks with Cam about Brennan. She says she’s not sure she can help but will try.

Sweets talks with Hodgins about his fortune before Angie comes over and says that Kestech Transpo Corperation, owned by the McNamaras was the ones that paid off the ME. Hodgins thinks that Lana was dating a Trent McNamara.

Sweets talks with Booth about Trent. He suggests that him and Hodgins go to talk to Trent.

Cam talks with Edison about Brennan’s idea of the serial killer.

Hodgins/Sweets go to see Trent and hi sister Stephanie. Trent admits that he was dating Lana. The talk about how his father paid the ME. Stephanie asks for her lawyer

Edison tells Brennan that he thinks that Lana was killed from a foil like in fencing. Brennan connects this with the Ghost killer. She compares the foil evidence to the one from the Ghost killer victims. She thinks that Lana and that victim were killed by the same person. Edison tells her to return to the lab.

Hodgins goes back to see Trent. A woman tells him to leave, but Trent stops him from leaving. Hodgins tells Trent he doesn’t think he killed Lana because he wouldn’t kill someone that’s given him what he’s wanted his whole life, love.

Brennan goes to talk to Cam about the victims from the Ghost Killer. She says she gave them to Edison.

Angie goes to see Hodgins who is working the Ghost Killer and Lana’s murder. She tells him that Trent shot himself but there was no note. Hodgins goes to the scene.

Cam/Hodgins are looking over Trent’s body. Stephanie comes in. She says that Trent was the last male heir.

Back at the lab, Angie goes to talk to Hodgins. He says he says that there would have been a note. Results come in confirming the Cam shot himself.

Brennan tells Edison to tell Cam what he found out about Trent’s skeleton. They find out that he wouldn’t have been able to shoot himself because of the carpal tunnel in his hand.

Cam says that the trigger was light and still able to shoot himself. Angie comes in and says Dan, Lana’s brother, went to go and see Trent.

Sweets is talking with Dan about Trent and Lana.

Brennan is watching Edison look over the Ghost Killer’s bones. Edison tells Brennan that he and Nora broke up. She says that he can call her Temperance now.

Hodgins goes to talk to Cam about how the same residue on Trent’s clothes were on Lana’s box. He doesn’t think that Trent would have dug up the body if he was guilty.

Brennan goes to talk to Cam about the finger injuries and how Trent and Lana had the same injuries.

Brennan is talking with Booth about the fingernail thing. Booth says he believes her.

Next week, the group looks over a case over a country singer who was found in shallow grave.

What did you think of the show?

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